Day 1 – In the beginning…

So today I started the quest, I opened up my box of 24 ‘biscuits’, and picked up the inner packet (of 12, there are two of these per box)  I opened carefully and squeezed the top two out, unfortunately this was tricky and the 2nd one down got crushed by my oathish hands so I was left with one whole one and one broken.  With most cereals this would be frustrating, however although this is a big downside, it creates an opportunity, you see Weetabix can be heated, so I poured on some milk, I also sprinkled generously, like a child sprinkling glitter on pre pritt-sticked paper, half a spoon of sugar and chucked it in the microwave for 80 seconds on full power.  This allowed me to make a cup of tea which is always a bonus.  Ordinarily I do not like soggy cereal but this being like a hot wheat based mush with sugar on top seemed to work, I removed it from the microwave and tucked in.  It was good, but like Christmas day it was over too quick.  Next came another problem, microwaved Weetabix mush is a pain to wash up, it sticks really bad.  Once washed up I was ready to start the day, albeit with wheaty breath.  Now as an IBS sufferer I know all to well the dangers of wheat based cereals, but I have to take risks, today proved to be dangerous, at work I spotted that we were out of toilet roll, then I panicked, I realised that once I need to go I am going to have to drive to Tesco to use their toilets, very soon after I was in the filthy dirty Vauxhall Zafira, I parked appaulingly, mainly because I pulled into my space but some woman from the car in the space in front couldn’t see an 8 foot long cube of dirty metal coming and decided to access her boot, my body was not in the right frame of mind to wait for her to put her bags in the boot so I got as close as I could to her without nudging her in to her boot (she still didn’t see me!) and put the handbrake on, turned off the car and got out, the car was sticking out by about a metre, the sort of parking you would usually associate with spoilt people or Waitrose shoppers, but I didn’t care, I didn’t have time to, I sprinted through the car park like a 2 legged gazelle, I ran in to Tesco’s at a similar speed to that of thieves running out,  past the café, and in to the loos, not a pleasant experience, but got there just in the knick of time, not a great start for Weetabix.

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