The Cereal Quest: Days 241 – 247 Multi Grain Shapes of Boredom

I had predicted that these Kellogg’s Multi Grain Shapes may well have been mind-numbingly boring, and I was correct.  I just don’t really see the point of them and can’t fathom who would want to purchase them, they have no flavour, the milk has a stronger taste.  They did make me feel like I was eating healthily because I couldn’t taste anything I may as well have been chewing air.  I am currently in ‘training’ for a charity bike ride for The Trussell Trust, the same charity I am raising money for doing this quest so I need some energy, in the middle of the week a very kind man who is organising the bike ride came round and set the bike up for me to try and stop my knee being in pain and he did the trick, we went for a short ride and had no pain at all, I briefly thought it may have been the cereal but in reality my newly adapted saddle height and angle may be bigger contributors, I did seem to have quite a big of energy this week including various tasks around the house and on Sunday even got up at 6am and went for a ride which ended up being 44 miles all on my own, whether these spontaneous and self-disciplined actions have been prompted by the Kellogg’s Multi Grain Shapes remains to be seen but it may be no coincidence that I have got better at riding since I started eating them.  The ride we are doing is 150 miles in 3 days, the group is a mixture of a couple of experienced riders, and then the rest of us and a tall man with a back injury so it will be a tough few days. The good things didn’t stop at an increased ability to do things, the highlight was on day 246 when I poured out my cereal and out popped my ‘discovery cards’ which were exciting for a small amount of time, each with a different picture on that reveals itself when rubbed or put under water, thank you Kellogg’s, it isn’t the most exciting thing I have ever had out of a cereal packet but it  was something at least.

Here are the vital review statistics for Kellogg’s Multi Grain Shapes:

Cereal Cost: £2.79
Real Servings per Box: 8
Cost per Serving: 34.8p
Pros – Seem to give me loads of energy and get up and go and free gift!
Cons – Tasteless.

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