The Cereal Quest: Day 248 – Still Got the Get Up and Go

So there I was thinking it may have been the Kellogg’s Multi Grain Shapes that was giving me get up and go, these Shredded Wheat Orchard Fruits have taken it up a level, soon after eating my bowl I headed to work and went in to the kitchen which looked like a filthy disgrace, glasses that over 4 days ago had had a smoothie in them had turned lumpy and brown and looked like a dirty protest, the whole place was a right state so I sorted it out and cleaned it up myself, I don’t know what is happening to me recently, I cleaned the garage out on Sunday after my bike ride, I did loads of chores around the house last night before football and now I am tidying at work, I feel like a heavily pregnant woman nesting except I can use a baby as an excuse for the size of my stomach.  It is crazy stuff, my wife will be most shocked and impressed with the ‘new me’.  Lets see how long it lasts, will Shredded Wheat Orchard Fruits maintain the momentum, I’m sure Mrs B must hope so.

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