The Cereal Quest: Days 258 – 263 – Kellogg’s Smacks

As I arrived in to work this morning I was overjoyed to see this box sitting on my desk.










I had never had Kellogg’s Smacks as for some reason Kellogg’s do not do them in the UK, I can only assume that it is because Honey Monster Foods have cornered the sugar coated puffed wheat market and Kellogg’s don’t think they could compete, especially as the Smacks mascot is a green frog and Honey Monster Foods have the Honey Monster.  I was planning on popping to the shop to get some new cereal but this saved my journey and increasingly expensive petrol.  Smacks are very similar to Sugar Puffs, but there are definitely differences, Smacks stay stronger for longer and have a bit more of a crunch when you bite them, something which surprised me and one of my molars.  My main thought when I saw these was to wonder if these will make your wee smell of them in the same way Sugar Puffs do.  After day one on the wee smell front I was hugely disappointed, I was confused, why would they not work.  On day two however their fumes came out all guns blazing, they left a trail of Smacks goodness in every toilet I frequented.  It was (probably) a joy for all people who used toilets after me.  Another side effect of these was that they made me feel a bit shaky, whether it is due to the sugar content or due to the feeling of guilt and betrayal I felt for cheating on Sugar Puffs with a foreign replacement, we will never know.  I will admit that if you had to choose between the two I would still go for Sugar Puffs, they are slightly easier to chew and have a faster effect on your fluids.

Here are my vital stats for my review of Kellogg’s Smacks:

Cereal Cost: €3.05
Real Servings per Box: 6
Cost per Serving: 50.8p
Pros – Crunchy til the last, sweet and leave you highly energised.
Cons – Not available in the UK and not as good as Sugar Puffs.

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