The Cereal Quest: Days 272 – 279 – Banana Nut Cheerios

When my sister phoned me to tell me she had bought me a cereal she knew I had not tried I panicked, my sister is borderline crazy so I worried, you may remember she once gave me directions to a cruise terminal by saying “look for a boat and aim for it!” but on this she did not let me down, she came up trumps, this is what she gave me:


Put simply this cereal is amazing.  If you have a keen eye like me you are probably wondering “what is the difference between ‘real’ banana flavour and ‘natural’ banana flavour?”  good question and in all honesty due to a lack of replies by General Mills (the American branch of Nestlé as these are an American cereal) I have no answer for you.  Now the cereal I had this week was always going to struggle to make me feel great, after last weekends 160 mile bike ride I needed something to not only give me energy but my biggest need was to provide me a new knee, even after this week of Banana Nut Cheerios I still can’t walk down the stairs properly as my right knee doesn’t bend.  No cereal would be likely to help but I can confirm despite Banana Nut Cheerios tasting great, for those who are looking for the perfect cure for a dodgy patella these are sadly not the solution.  The sweetness of this cereal is beautiful, they taste like banana milkshake, to be specific they taste like Crusha Banana Milkshake but strangely do not make the milk taste like banana. They stay crispy for the entire bowl and taste incredible, if they were readily available in the UK and I wasn’t bound by this quest to choose other cereals I would go out and find some from wherever I could get them.  A big thank you to my little sister Vicki for these!

Here are the vital statistics for Banana Nut Cheerios:

Cereal Cost: £5.99 (in the UK)
Real Servings per Box: 7
Cost per Serving: 88.5p
Pros – Beautiful flavour, great texture, perfect.
Cons – Unbelievably expensive in the UK and does not help heal a tired injured body.

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