The Cereal Quest: Days 294 – 303 Jordans Natural Muesli

You may well be thinking that this cereal appears to have taken me about a million years to eat and you would be correct.  Jordans Natural Muesli, is not the worst muesli out there, but it is far from the best.  It is very dry and you find yourself reducing your portion sizes to ensure you get through them rather than struggling at the end of the bowl.  They also come in a huge 1KG bag, which I have written to Jordans about before and will write again.  A bag is not a suitable container for cereal, it is infuriating.  Karl and Susan on Neighbours have plastic cereal containers, this is all very well but I don’t have one and don’t want one, it should be the job of the manufacturer to choose sensible packaging.  Luckily for Jordans and for the rest of the residents of my cupboard I have some clip peg things from Ikea to stop muesli gushing out the seams of the bag.










I was somewhat confused upon purchasing this muesli about the fact it was the great value 1KG pack, confused because there was no option of a normal sized box or even a normal sized bag.  It was a ‘new recipe’ which to be honest I have learnt to become sceptical of.  If you are making muesli and put just 0.00001g less of sugar it is a new recipe, it essentially means nothing but is another thing to grab potential customers, I think it is a bit of a cheap trick, I would much prefer that if manufacturers do the ‘new recipe’ thing they have to say by how many percent the recipe has changed.  All in all the muesli was fine but when you have a whole load of cereals to get through you could do without one lasting for 9 days.

Here are the vital statistics for my Jordans Natural Muesli review:

Cereal Cost: £2.99
Real Servings per Box: 9
Cost per Serving: 33.2p
Pros – Fairly cheap, apparently quite healthy.
Cons – Terrible packaging, too big a bag, lasts too long.

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