The Cereal Quest: Days 310 – 316 Kellogg’s Krave White Chocolate Brownie


photo1-22I was over the moon to be starting a new ‘more exciting’ cereal than the previous offerings recently,  I was also particularly excited because a new cereal, in this case Kellogg’s Krave White Chocolate Brownie also coincided with the best weekend of the year, the World Crazy Golf Championships 2013.  This tournament is organised by the BMGA and stands out for me because this tournament is accessible for all.  I have played in other BMGA tournaments but each time found myself more and more frustrated with it not being a level playing field, not that I am good enough to ever come close to winning but it still frustrates me.  You see at most other BMGA events participants are allowed to use special balls that they buy in from Germany or elsewhere and carry round in little bags.  Some balls bounce miles, some are weighted to not bounce at all, they all have their advantages so for someone who wants to try and get involved and try out a competition to get there and see that 95% of the other competitors have a fairly big leg up on them from the start just puts them off doing any other competitions.  However, this is where the World Crazy Golf Championships steps in and addresses the problem, all players must play with the same type of ball, surely this is the reason that this event is the most popular on the BMGA calendar and more popular with new players, families and people looking to have fun and try out the sport.  This is why I love it, you get to meet lots of fresh faces, people who are there for a good weekend away and to have fun.  I know that I much prefer the ‘Crazy’ Golf competitions to the ‘Mini’ Golf.  Maybe one day there will be a BCGA (British Crazy Golf Association), one that focuses more on making a fun sport more accessible for more people and a level playing field for all.  I’m not saying that the BMGA does a bad job at all, since they have started they have seen many changes and the sheer level of competitive players now compared to the start shows how well Sean is doing.  This competition is organised superbly and Sean does a great job of keeping people in groups near their families/friends groups, the course is a classic and people always have fun.  But other tournaments are more exclusive to people who want to either invest in expensive equipment or stand little to no chance of winning.  The joy of Crazy Golf in my opinion is it is a completely level playing field and that on any given event anyone with a bit of luck could fluke a win.  It’s also a fun weekend to socialise and have a good laugh with friends, I always try to make my own putter and this year I went for a lovely cereal theme, I was feeling optimistic:


Made of about 95% cereal boxes with just some plastercine in the base, a bit of superglue and a few rolls of sellotape.  After a nice quantity of Krave White Chocolate Brownie and a very rushed practice I was ready to set the cereal box putter loose and after round 1 I was over the moon, a score of 40 for me on an 18 hole course, on the seafront in Hastings in what was being termed as the worst storm to hit the UK in 25 years, I was pleased with the score but even more pleased when I realised I was at least 7 shots ahead of both of my mates I had come down with and my brother.  Bragging rights were mine, for the next hour, until I stood and took my first shot on hole 2 in the 2nd round of the day.  I knew I needed to hit the ball hard, there is an uphill climb on this hole so I wellied it and looked down at my putter.  Problem.  Big problem.  I had dented the putter face, the putter I had so lovingly made and designed was floored, now it was nigh on impossible to hit a straight shot.  I was gutted, and over the weekend my scores increased, I lost heavily to both my brother and to one of my mates, my other mate I did manage to beat but he had a terribly bad back and was essentially being pushed from hole to hole by the gale force winds, he was also hitting in the most casual way possible.  A great weekend it was, but not a successful one.  Cereal had shown me that it can be very cruel.  Cereal boxes had shown me they lack resistance against gale force winds and are not ideal as putters, lesson learnt.  After these rounds I got home and had another bowl of Kellogg’s Krave White Chocolate Brownie, these things are unbelievably rich and sweet, usually I can devour a box like this in 3, maybe 4 servings but these I had to limit, they made me feel a bit sick so the box lasted a huge 6 servings, which for a box the size of an ostriches finger nail is impressive.  They are no where near as nice as the other ‘Krave’ varieties, please just trust me, don’t bother, unless you have the taste buds of a 7 year old.

Here are the vital statistics for my Kellogg’s Krave White Chocolate Brownie review:

Cereal Cost: £2.79
Real Servings per Box: 7
Cost per Serving: 39.8p
Pros – Sweet and certainly not dull.
Cons – Little and often is your only option.

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