The Cereal Quest: Days 317 – 323 Jordans Super Berry Country Crisp

Joy of joys, another variety of Jordans Country Crisp, the cereal that was the first in the quest to cause me to collapse soon after I had tried its raspberry variety.  I think it is almost justifiable to enter in to this new cereal on tip toes.  I studied the box in detail, not to take in any information but to procrastinate and delay the tasting of another oat based cereal on the cereal quest.  I have learnt that oats will inevitably be my downfall and I put my body on the line each time I consume them (see Honey Monster Choco Wows for evidence) so I tried to shake off my fear and tucked in:









The box has lovely autumnal colours, perfect for this time of year…….autumn.  It is Jordans ‘Super’ Berry Crunch, I was trying to get myself excited about how ‘super’ these berries might turn out to be, I looked through the ingredients list, cranberries (not a fan but will eat them if forced, and I am being forced) and blackcurrants, this was I think the first cereal to introduce blackcurrants and I was excited, I love the twang you get with blackcurrants, I was excited, this might well turn out to be ‘super’, or as super as an oat based cereal could be.  I sat down to eat and couldn’t believe what was happening, I felt like a new man, a man that was enjoying a clustery oat based cereal, the cousin of the cereal that first took me off my feet, I had changed, I felt great, I was enjoying a healthy cereal, I was proud of myself, I had turned a corner.  But pride comes before a fall, luckily this time not one from 6ft into a bathroom sink, but a fall nonetheless.  My bowels hit the roof (not literal), my insides started strangling me (not literally) and my face resembled that of a wasps, that had been hit with an electrically charged plastic tennis racket shaped killing device (literal).  This sadly was how this cereal progressed, by the end of the box I was frustrated, I wanted to like the cereal but unfortunately its key ingredient wasn’t interested in forging a friendship with me.

Here are my vital statistics for my Jordans Super Berry Country Crisp Review:

Cereal Cost: £2.69
Real Servings per Box: 7
Cost per Serving: 38.4p
Pros – The blackcurrants really bring something new to the fore, they are a great inclusion.
Cons – IBS sufferers beware, these WILL hurt you.

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