The Cereal Quest: A Double Kellogg’s Fruit & Fibre! Really.

Today was a new beginning, the start of the 2nd year of The Cereal Quest, and to prove how far I had come I opted for Kellogg’s Fruit & Fibre, the key ingredients being ‘fruit’ and ‘fibre’ two things that I would never voluntarily consume.  So I tucked in to my morning bowl whilst watching an incredible game of cricket on Sky Sports, Nepal vs Hong Kong (those classic cricketing nations) in a World T20 qualifier, it was amazing, proper cricket, the sort of cricket you may see down the road at your local park.  People bumbling around, butterfingers dropping catches then getting berated by team mates, people seemingly smacking the ball but it not getting anywhere near the boundary, comedy running, it was brilliant, it was to set up my day perfectly.  The cereal was a huge miss mash of bits of bran flake, coconut, raisins, dried bananas, nuts and other miscellaneous items that if someone offered me on their own I would flatly refuse but because it is with its friends I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt.  I even ate this cereal with a very special spoon.  Not one of my cereal quest engraved spoons from last Christmas but with a thin curvaceous spoon, a spoon that we got sent by some company who specialised in cutlery for weddings (genuinely these businesses exist/ed) who over 7 years ago wanted to supply us with their wares so sent us a sample spoon.  For a spoon it is great, it functions like a spoon but makes you feel like you are eating with the Queen.  It is one of those things in our house that for some reason we rarely use (especially in hot drinks) neither of us have ever told the other not to use it but because it looks special we never touch it, we just know.  It sits at the bottom of the teaspoon section in our cutlery drawer.  Why do we have things like this that we store, hidden away, with no intention of ever using, it has no real value but for some reason we don’t use it, it would be degrading for it to be used for its primary function, simply unthinkable, occasionally it may be called up for duty with a posh yoghurt like a Muller Fruit Corner (Strawberry) but then its a quick clean and back in the drawer.  Well today things changed, today I got it out of the cupboard and used it for my cereal, to be honest the thin-ness in the design causes problems for milk transportation and in hindsight I shouldn’t use it for cereal again but I had to learn the lesson one day.  The cereal itself is very crunchy, the dried bananas are easily enough to break the odd tooth, the thrill of eating a cereal that is slightly dangerous delights me.  It put me in a real positive mood for the day, even tonight on the way home from work I was stuck in traffic and I didn’t care, I just turned my music up very loud (‘VOL 74′) and bellowed out ‘She’s So High’ by Fastball at the loudest volume I could. I was sat at traffic lights, I was nailing obscenely high notes at an incredible volume, I was in the zone, I even started clapping, slapping my thighs, drumming on the steering wheel, until I looked up to my right to see a motorcyclist staring in to my car laughing.  Classic commuting awkwardness.  Those lights then took forever to change to green, I didn’t measure the time but I’m fairly confident it was forever.  I got home safely, still happy as happy cold be, no doubt because of my daily dose of Fruit & Fibre, in the evening I had a ukulele social group in Bournemouth which was brilliant and got home to have another bowl of Kellogg’s Fruit & Fibre for dinner, lets hope the happiness continues, lets also hope the lack of IBS reaction to Fruit & Fibre continues.  For a day where I was abruptly woken by my face slipping in to a pillow size pool of my own dribble, today was an excellent day, same again tomorrow I hope, without the dribble.

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