The Cereal Quest: Back After a Medically Induced Break – Weight Watchers Love Fibre

Well, where to begin.  It has been a long 5 months or so, in the quickest way possible here is the last 5 months:

  • Doctor tells me I am not allowed to eat any oats for at least a year to prevent me fainting and possibly having any other related problems.
  • Cereal quest stops.
  • Mrs B gives birth to our beautiful 2nd daughter Emilia
  • Christmas
  • No sleep
  • Tiredness

I hope your last 5 months have been equally as exciting.  I have been toying with the idea of resuming the quest and just doing it without oat based cereals for a long time, I miss the writing, I miss the variation of my breakfast and I miss writing letters to cereal companies.  This morning my daughter came downstairs and eventually broke down in tears because her box of Coco Pops was empty, and although I am well aware she has a cold and she is also a girl, she is emotionally unstable (yesterday she cried when asked if she could pass a pack of wipes about a metre, only to abruptly stop crying and switched to hysterically laughing when she saw a photo of her as a baby taken from a side angle where she only had ‘one ear’) it did show that perhaps love of cereal will run in the family.

I know that as a parent I will no doubt offer words of advice to Isla as she grows up, I will try and help shape her life, improve her life and most importantly help her enjoy her life as she grows, she is going to need someone to teach her things, someone to follow as an example and luckily she has an incredible Mum.

If there is one thing she can inherit from her father (aside from ukulele tuition) then it is cereal knowledge.  I hope one day she will browse the internet seeking a choice of what breakfast to buy she might stumble upon this site and I can help her.

So what cereal should I get going again with?  Well, something new, something I had not seen before, something enticing:










Introducing ‘Weight Watchers’ Love Fibre.  This in simple terms is Weight Watchers version of Special K, however it is made by the Weetabix company,  and most importantly it tastes a lot better than Special K.  It has a lot maltier taste, like someone has sprinkled some ‘Ovaltine’ (ask your mum, if she doesn’t know it ask mine) over each flake, the flakes are huge.

All of us at one point through our schooling are likely to have genuinely believed we had found the worlds biggest crisp.  We would have gasped in disbelief, shown our friends, maybe even saved it for a night or two, only for our world to come crashing down when we realised we were just staring at a large slice of potato.  These are different, I have found the worlds biggest ‘based on average flake size’ flaked cereal.  I will do more research in to this tomorrow, for now I am claiming it.   Aside from the malty taste and the big flake size you may be wondering if a cereal that has ‘Love Fibre’ slapped in big letters on its box has proved problematic to me and my injury prone stomach, well so far so good.  Thank you for wondering, your thoughtful thoughts are much appreciated.


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