The Cereal Quest: Weight Watchers Love Fibre – Dithering

As part of my cereal quest I try to maintain honesty and integrity throughout and that is why today I start with an apology.  Yesterday I made a claim that Weight Watchers ‘Love Fibre’ were the “worlds biggest ‘based on average flake size’ flaked cereal”.  This morning when I poured my Love Fibre in to the bowl (that sounds stranger the more you read it) I noticed that the flakes were in fact no bigger than ordinary flaked cereals, the cereal I had yesterday from the very same Love Fibre box must have been bigger, I can not of dreamed it up in the excitement of a new cereal, surely?  Please can someone get some and see if the top of the box is full of giant flakes?

Apart from the flake size, the effects of this Love Fibre (there is no way this can’t sound weird, I will just try and ignore this)  are starting to come to fruition.  I have been at best ‘a little dithery’.  I am walking around and feel like a tad more confused than usual.  On 4 separate occasions I have walked in the kitchen and then scoured the cupboards and fridge in hope that I would see something to remind me why I came in the kitchen in the first place.  This would be fine if it was just effecting me but it’s not, my poor lovely wife is having to suffer.  This afternoon I asked her 3 times (apparently) in the space of about a minute if she wanted a tea or a coffee (what a gent making a drink for his wife, you might be thinking), on all 3 occasions she said coffee.  I went in to the kitchen, I saw cups (bingo!) and made Hols a cup of……………tea.  She drank it, she’s polite like that, but deep down (especially after she told me using words from her mouth)  I knew she wanted coffee.  I hope that this is a one off and this doesn’t continue tomorrow as we are taking a youth group on a trip.

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