The Cereal Quest: Day 48 – A Letter to Quaker

Today I say down to have another bowl of Oat Crisp, it wasn’t bad, just lacked some excitement, and being called ‘Oat Crisp’ is a bit of a misleading name, they wimp out fairly quickly when they touch milk, ‘Oat Crisp for about a minute’ would be a better name.  I remember them being malty in taste and they just don’t seem to taste like I remembered, so I decided to get in touch and wrote them the following message:

“Dear Quaker, 
I am currently on a quest to try every UK cereal box by box and and doing a daily diary (which can be found if interested). Earlier in the quest I had Sugar Puffs and was surprised to hear you no longer make them but not to worry about that. My question is about Quaker Oat Crisp, I was trying to find a your website to contact you and initially ended up on a website telling me about Quakers, the religious group, when I finally found your website I was excited to see a page with adverts of your products. I thought there might be an advert on Oat Crisp but it would appear you have taken an ‘all the eggs in one basket” approach to your adverts, in this case the basket is your ‘Oat So Simple’ range, of which I am yet to experience on the quest as yet. Oat Crisp is barely advertised on there and must feel like Joseph’s 11 brothers did when Joseph got an amazingly colourful coat (See Genesis Chapter 37). I wonder if you have got any serving suggestions for Oat Crisp? I also have vague memories of it as a child being a) larger and b) maltier in taste, am I dreaming? Whilst writing to you I would also like to enquire about your favoured Oat So Simple product, as I will be enjoying it later in the quest I wondered if it is available in just a normal box, not portioned off? I am a firm believer that as a 27 year old I should be allowed to choose how much cereal I have in the morning and not have this dictated to me. If not don’t worry I can just open up all the portions and mix.

Thank you for your time.

Best Regards,

P.S – I love the hat/hair/cravat combo you have going on.”

I will await their reply.

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