The Cereal Quest: Day 71 – Kraving More….Portions of Kellogg’s Krave Chocolate Caramel

As you may have read in the previous entry Kellogg’s claim their are 12 servings in their Krave Chocolate Caramel cereal, 12 x 30g servings.  This is what 30g of Krave Chocolate Caramel looks like:










It doesn’t even line the bottom of the bowl.  Why and how do Kellogg’s think this is a serving?  It is a joke and shouldn’t be allowed.

On the box it says ‘delicious hot’ so this morning I microwaved my serving (a normal human size serving not the above), the cereal itself was yummy, but the texture was like if you microwaved toast after leaving it out for 5 hours.  For lunch I had some more as I knew I would need some energy for the weekend ahead with our youth group to the sunny Isle of Wight.  It seemed to do the job and has kept me going until now.  Tomorrow I will be taking a day off the quest as I know there is bacon in the morning and I had no space to pack Krave, even though it’s box is so tiny!

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