The Cereal Quest: Day 101 – Coco Pops Coco Rocks Rocking

After yesterday having 3 bowls of Coco Pops Coco Rocks I still wanted more as soon as I got up this morning.  The delights of smooth chocolate filled gems intertwined with chocolatey crunchiness is a joy.  I rushed downstairs and chucked them down at a speed similar to that of a baby goat downing a bottle of milk off a slightly scared child.

At lunch I went for more of the same which meant that Coco Pops Coco Rocks achieved the ’5 bowls for 5 meals’ award that is so much wanted to win when it saw me picking it up off the shelf.

They have not effected my stomach much, to my relief this much cereal seems to be getting greeted well by my internal organs.  Maybe they won’t look so kindly on the curry I am just about to pass down to them.  We shall see tomorrow!

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