The Cereal Quest: Day 120 – One of My Favourite Captains…

If you are anything like me you will have a favourite, top 3 ‘captains’.  My top 3 are probably Captain Morgan, Captain Birdseye and todays subject, Captain Rik, the small ginger freckly boy who flies around with a jet pack on his back bringing us these:


In a nut shell Ricicles are Kellogg’s Rice Krispies coated (or as they say ‘frosted’) with sugar.  It makes for a very crispy and sweet taste, a taste that can’t be made at home by sprinkling sugar on Rice Krispies because the sugar doesn’t distribute and coat evenly.  Kellogg’s quickly realised this and acted on it.  The reason Captain Rik appears in my top 3 captains isn’t because despite his gingerness and freckles he has made something of his life, it isn’t because of his smile, it isn’t because of gloves that make him look like he should be working in a factory manufacturing beauty products using lots of chemicals, the reason he is in my top 3 is because he is a ‘deceptive rebel’, you may not spot his rebellious side straight away but have a look again and you will notice that despite probably being warned before taking off of the lack of oxygen in space (this is an assumption and not fact) he has chosen to fly off with a helmet that barely covers his face, and importantly his two main breathing tools (mouth and nose).  Not only is he rebellious but he makes great cereal.  This stuff tastes beautiful, it is perfectly sweet, not too sweet, but perfectly sweet, my daughter got her hands in the box and tried some, she loved the stuff.  Day 1 has gone very well.  On a side note today I spotted something I had incredible, something I had never seen before, driving home through the countryside I saw a rabbit on the side of the road.  You might rightly be thinking that a rabbit on the side of the road is ‘common’ rather than ‘incredible’ and you would be right, except this rabbit was black, like a pet rabbit, not fawny like a wild rabbit, I have never seen this, maybe I was dreaming but I was so sure I saw it.  I hope this isn’t like the double yolker incident but I will speak to work colleagues about this tomorrow with much excitement!

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