The Cereal Quest: Day 121 – Names that Sound Like Occupations

It’s been a while since I have really been looking forward to a cereal in the morning but this morning I was really looking forward to my bowl of Kellogg’s Ricicles.  They didn’t disappoint, I poured on the milk and listened to them singing to me like their cousins Snap, Crackle and Pop, I then devoured them and headed off to work with them safely belted in to the passenger seat in my car.  I got to work still buzzing off the sugar high, I sat my colleagues down to give them the exciting news about the sighting of a black rabbit yesterday, there seemed to be a bit of an anti-climatical feel to the office after my exciting news, not much was said and I didn’t see or hear much excitement, in fact the only comments I heard were from Adam who said “maybe you have seen them but it has been dark”, this just sent bubbles floating around my head wondering if I had imagined it, and even if I had why people were not excited.  I continued my day until lunch time when I sat down for another sugar coated bowl of ricey treats, they were great and gave me the energy to continue on my day.  However, they did come at a cost.  Yesterday’s bowl was consumed at work and the bowl from yesterday was still left on my desk, I went to wash it up to make it what I believe to be called ‘camping clean’, I washed the bowl using just luke warm water and my hands, whilst sweeping any dried on bits of Ricicle from the bowl I caught my finger on a hardened bit of Ricicle and cut it open, there was actual human blood coming out of my finger.  My finger had lost in a fight with a Ricicle.  I wondered if my blood might now be infected by Ricicles.  When I was younger and had just left school I applied for absolutely tons of jobs, most of which I had no idea about, I just wanted a job, I never ended up laying bricks, being a dental receptionist or doing the job I thought I was destined for, a phlebotomist, a job I had never heard of until I applied for it but essentially meant taking peoples blood at the doctors and analysing it (which would have been handy after this Ricicle fight).  When a job sounds like your name when said fast I figured it must have been created for me, my name was and still is Phil Botto, the way I pronounced the job I was applying for was a ‘Philbottomist’, this was meant to be.  I didn’tt get the job, I am squeamish so its probably best but it did make me think on the way home today, who else has a name that sounds like an occupation?  Not someone who’s surname is ‘Baker’ or ‘Butcher’ but someone who’s full name sounds like a job, like if some one was called ‘Archie Ologist’.  I was briefly distracted by yet another sighting of the black rabbit but still didn’t manage to think of anyone for the whole 40 minute journey.

I know you are trying to think of one, I can tell.

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