The Cereal Quest: Day 122 – Triple Ricicles

After getting up early this morning and popping to my mates to watch some WWF (WWE but in my head always WWF) this morning I sat down at his to enjoy my bowl of Kellogg’s Ricicles whilst watching men in tight pants and knee pads do battle theatrically.  The cereal was the perfect sweet but balanced accompaniment.  I was perusing the box of Ricicles this morning and saw they are offering a free ADULT ticket to various attractions if you buy a full price childs ticket, yet another reason to buy this yummy treat.  The time came to head off to work and I worked throughout the morning craving my next bowl of Kellogg’s Ricicles at lunch, I poured out the bowl tucked in and started munching on it, hoping it would give me strength to make one of the hardest phone calls of my life, a call I didn’t want to make and a call I knew the person on the other end of the phone wouldn’t want to receive either.  It would sadden both me and them in almost equal measure (but probably sadden me more), I plucked up the courage, shaking as I picked up the handset, I dialed the long number and after a few more button presses muttered a very hard sentence to mutter; “Hi, I would like to cancel my Sky Sports package please”.

I’m sure there are moments in any mans life where they realise they are growing up and becoming more mature and ‘sensible’, today I took one for the team (the team being my family) due to a new boiler we now have hot running water but no more sport.  I will have to find a new hobby, like analysing breakfast cereals.

By 3.24pm I was already hungry again, these are a delicious cereal but really don’t keep you full up for long.  I had my 3rd sweet sweet portion of the day and picked up the bowl pouring the now sugary milk in to my mouth.  It was delicious.

Oh very exciting news, on April 30th I am doing a talk based on this very cereal quest, its a free fun night happening in the After hours Forest Edge Cafe in Alderholt at 7.30pm.  Feel free to come along, there will be cake, and cereal.

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