The Cereal Quest: Day 123 – Meeting My Sugary Ricicles End

Today I woke up thinking I only had one serving left of Kellogg’s Ricicles before I start on what will be a mundane ‘health’ cereal.  To my delight I found that there were two servings left, the perfect breakfast and lunch.  My daughter loves the Ricicles box, she loves Captain Rik, she stared and pointed for ages making excitable noises until I gave her her Shreddies and she quickly focussed on gobbling them down.  I flamboyantly poured the Ricicles in to my bowl, starting low, peaking at about 40cm from bowl then lowering again to finish with finesse, in the same way TV chefs add their liquid ingredients in to recipes.  The Ricicles didn’t taste and different but why would I want them to?  They are perfect little shards of joy, despite wounding my finger (which I managed to get malt vinegar in to last night) I have nothing but good to say about Kellogg’s Ricicles.  At lunch time I asked my boss (who was going to Tesco’s) to collect me my next cereal, I can exclusively reveal that I am going to be eating a very boring, dull, dangerous and what is worse, expensive cereal tomorrow.  Whilst he went out I ate my last bowl of Ricicles, every last little bit of rice, drank up all the milk, licked my lips and said “mmmmmmmm yummy”.  Kellogg’s spend a lot of time these days marketing monkeys, tigers and even 3 young chefs and favouring these over the small little ginger, freckly boy with a jet pack but I think that is because Ricicles shouldn’t need marketing, they are a delight, word of mouth alone should drive their sales.  I hope people reading this go out and buy some, they are a treasure, thank you Captain Rik.

Here are my Kellogg’s Ricicles vital statistics:

Cereal Cost: £2.79
Real Servings per Box: 7
Cost per Serving: 39.8p
Pros – Taste amazing, quite a few servings in the box, fun to eat.
Cons – Cut my finger, don’t keep hunger away for long.

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