The Cereal Quest: Day 157 – Double Mini Max

Today I had another busy day ahead at work, it was my last day at work before holiday so I took my Kellogg’s Mini Max with me, I had a bowl before I went out and loved them, they suck up milk but stay fairly crispy so when you bite in to them a stream of ice cold milk comes gushing out, similar to popular 90′s bubble gum ‘Bubbaloo’ but better.

As I brought the box in to work I could see my boss was delighted with my decision, little did he know they were a gift.  Mini Max is a strange choice for a favourite cereal in my opinion, but I think he likes them because he has a dog called Max and he was once mini. This is an assumption.  They gave me plenty of energy but made me incredibly clumsy.  I smacked my knee on the door frame walking out the door, tripped over the same bit of carpet twice, tripped up the stairs and hit mysef in the face with the edge of a heavy duty car mat.  Kellogg’s Mini Max must be to blame. After I had had them for lunch I was equally clumsy, just ask my kneecaps (and the pluralisation is intentional).

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