Kellogg’s Milk Chocolate Krave Review

The Cereal Quest: Day 135 – Kellogg’s Milk Chocolate Krave

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Some of you may remember I tried Krave Caramel Chocolate earlier in the quest, caramel flavouring isn’t great but chocolate is an excellent addition to a cereal independently.  I was therefore looking forward to a couple of servings today.  Krave Milk Chocolate comes in a bright purple box which stands out on the shelf well, the first impression is somewhat spoilt by the fact the box is minute and the fact Kellogg’s are claiming it contains 12 servings (honestly a scandalous claim which I will be asking Kellogg’s about tomorrow).  The cereal itself is a crunchy cereal pillow with a lovely smooth chocolatey middle they are delicious but if you are a family with kids they are not going to last long at all.  I had two bowls today, one at breakfast and one at lunch and they were both delicious, they seem to absorb milk a tiny bit which means you can get soggy ones near the bottom of the bowl but they are still very much nicer and more exciting than Ready Brek.  They are a cereal that you can enjoy both singularly on the spoon or in multiples but it seems like a waste in multiples, my theory is that I want to make the moment last so one at a time is fine, until my wife reminded me I had to go to work this morning, that is when the multiple Krave per spoon technique was used.  All in all a great start, taste great.

The Cereal Quest: Day 136 – Krave-ing ‘Good Times’

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Today I was working from home as I had a couple of doctors appointments scheduled for during the day, I had to have a couple of blood tests and then go back for an ECG.  I hate needles so wanted a sweet glucose filled start to the day and fill me with courage and sugar which was lucky as I was eating Krave Milk Chocolate for breakfast.  I poured on more milk than yesterday because they absorbed like sponges and left me barely any cereal juice left at the bottom of the bowl to analyse.  It was a sensible move, they were still fairly crunchy and the milk I was left with could be bottled and sold to people who really like cereal juice.  After breakfast I cracked on with work until about 11.30 when I had to go to the doctors, I would have thought the Krave cereal might have made me feel alert and sprightly, unfortunately whilst walking to the doctors I got a text, I continued walking in the direction of the doctors as I set about texting back, that was until my head clattered in to a tree, it hurt, it hurt my forehead, it hurt my forehead a lot, unfortunately there were about 5 or 6 other people near so I continued walking, strolling towards the doctors, playing it cool, looking like I hadn’t just headbutted a thick tree, then to clear people who had seen the incident out the way went back to the tree and lent against it until the other people had gone.  This was an unfortunate incident and I feel Krave Milk Chocolate let me down, I don’t see any way that this could have possibly been an error on my part.  I went on in to the doctors for my blood tests, they were with a young nurse who I had not seen before, after navigating the doctors surgery I went in and sat down, “How are you with needles?” she enquired.  ”Terrible” I responded, “I like needles about as much as my driveway likes ‘Weedol’.”  Then in the most casual way I have ever seen a doctor/nurse say anything she just said “good times!”, she was down with the kids, that was ‘fo shizzle’.  Then (and bearing in mind my previous statement in which I clearly distanced myself from the love of needles) she said “I’m seeing you again this afternoon aren’t I?”.  ”Yes, for an ECG.” I replied, she then replied saying “Oh ‘good times’ at least an ECG doesn’t hurt like this.”

Between my appointments, which by the way I was very brave at and didn’t cry, not even a little bit, I enjoyed another bowl of Krave Milk Chocolate, the crispy rice, wheat casing is probably one of the few cereals that taste good even when they get a bit soggy.  The problem with Krave is that you barely get to start enjoying them before it’s over and it looks like tomorrow may be my last serving.

At my 2nd appointment the nurse, who I can confirm is not listed anywhere as a nurse on the doctors surgery website used the ‘S’ swear word 3 times and was livid with the ECG machine not working, she was hilarious, I sat in disbelief as she said “It’s been years since I have done one of these, back where I used to live we gave them to someone to read, I can’t remember at all how to analyse these results, I guess they will be fine.  I’m sure you won’t die soon”.  Now some people might think this is unprofessional and she should be struck of but genuinely she is the best nurse I have ever been to, she was completely down to earth and made you relaxed.  If all nurses were like that the world would be a happier place.  I won’t name her in case it gets her in trouble but she was funny, so if on a very very off chance she ever reads this, thanks.

I’ve been told to ring for results in a week so someone who can read them and analyse them for me.


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