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The Cereal Quest: Days 137-143 Dorset Cereals Fruity Muesli

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In a one off move to catch up after one of the stranger weeks of my life I am doing a week in a day.  This is due to me going on a stag weekend and then frantically doing last minute preparations for a talk all about the quest on Tuesday (those who went will confirm it definitely looked like it was prepared last minute).  Last Friday before a strange stag weekend in which the stag lost his voice half way through and people voluntarily ate jellied eels I purchased some Dorset Cereals Fruity Muesli.  The main difference between this and normal muesli is a huge lack of powdered milk/flour stuff that you usually get in muesli, instead you get (in addition to the standard gift of raisins) more fruit, in this case you get those classic fruits from Dorset, pineapple and papaya.  It is a cereal that takes some getting used to.  For starters your head sees the word muesli so you expect a certain taste, you don’t expect tropical intruders, it takes at least 3 servings to trust the intruders, for the strangers to become true friends.  My 3rd day of these (due to missing it for a day on Saturday and instead having a Weatherspoons breakfast including bacon which tasted of soap) was the day I did a talk on the cereal quest.  I can honestly say that it was one of the most bizarre evenings of my life, standing in front of more people than just my wife and mum and yip yapping about cereal.  They must have been utterly bored, both before hand (to be bored enough that listening to someone rate cereal is the better option) and during (listening to me tell them how much cereals cost).  However I am very grateful to them coming as we raised a good amount of money and received some great food donations so I was pleased overall.  My week continued and went quite quickly, breakfast continued to be a pleasure and despite me eating muesli all week there were no IBS issues.  This is excellent news and makes me wonder whether the mysterious powedered milk/flour stuff is what makes me ill usually.  Something negative unfortunately for Dorset Cereal Fruity Muesli is it makes you make foolish mistakes, don’t be foolish and think that mistakes might be my doing, you are what you eat and I have been eating Dorset Cereals Fruity Muesli, therefore it is the fault of the cereal that I made a complete mess of putting together the easiest DIY job ever, a Little Tikes Cube Slide.  The worst thing about this incident was that I had built up the excitement for my daughter, she LOVES slides, I got home saying “Daddy has bought you a slide!”  she was over the moon, she kept saying “Daddy, slide, make, meas (please)”.  I told her it would be put together within a minute or two, I made a fairly large error and after hitting it all together firmly and solidly I turned around to see a massive great big piece of plastic that was meant to be in there.  I then continued to try and dismantle it but I had built it too well, it wouldn’t come apart so in the end she had to use it without a platform to sit on, she had to just go down the slide and be careful not to fall backwards.  Not good and solely the fault of Dorset Cereals Fruity Porridge.

Cereal wise I was sad to finish this muesli today, it has been a good servant for me this week during busy days and nights and has lasted me well too.  The only real flavour disappointment is that the raisins/sultanas were too soft in comparison to the raisins you get gifted from Alpen for example.  It is drier than other muesli’s which wound me up at first but I have since forgiven it.   It is quite expensive but if you can find it on offer anywhere (*coughs* Tesco) then you will enjoy it!

Cereal Cost: £2.79
Real Servings per Box: 7
Cost per Serving: 39.8p
Pros – A new taste, surely good for your health.
Cons – Soft raisins and lacking in mysterious powder.

P.S – I am not sure whether to blame Dorset Cereals for the retirement of my all time hero Steve Fletcher today.  He most likely doesn’t read this but a big thank you to him for always giving 100%, he served our football club for 20 years, I can’t see that ever happening again to any club.  Legend.  Thanks for the memories Fletch.

P.P.S – I have not proof read this as I am knackered so mistakes may well be all over the place, but I am human and like to live dangerously.

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