Special K with Red Berries Review

Finishing these at breakfast meant I had a new cereal to try at lunch, a cereal that was going to kickstart my weight loss ‘regime’.  I have seen the adverts which aim this cereal at women but I didn’t mind, I wanted to lose a bit of weight so these would no doubt kickstart this.  I was starting Kellogg’s Special K with Red Berries.  I signed up online for their Special K diet plan, within 2 minutes I quit the Special K diet plan, you will need to pay me many many monies to ever eat smoked salmon for lunch, thank you and good day Special K.  Anyway moving on to the cereal I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised with this one, anything with fruit in usually scares me somewhat but this tastes good.  It’s really nice, the Special K flakes taste a lot ricier and are thicker than corn flakes, but the gems of this cereal are the freeze dried raspberries and strawberries.  They are amazing, which coming from someone who has little time for fruit really does say something, I had never even considered these as an option for being one of the top cereals in the quest but maybe I could be surprised.  Talking of being surprised, I popped over my Mums tonight on the way home, I was chatting to her about last nights Apprentice.  When we used to live with her she had a habit of falling asleep just at the crucial part of the Apprentice and missing who got fired.  Having bought her a Freeview recorder last year I had suggested she should record it and watch it, that way if she fell asleep she could watch the recording.    True to form Mum had fallen asleep last night just before finding out who had got fired, so as I suggested she said she watched the recording of it but she said she fell asleep at the crucial time again.  I asked her how and brilliantly (my Mum has never understood technology) she had not realised that ‘fast forward’ exists so whenever she watched it again she thought she had to watch right from the start, inevitably she got tired after 40 minutes or so and fell asleep, ending up in a horribly repetitive Apprentice loop.  I told showed her the joys of fast forward, she literally could not believe it.  I love my Mum.


The Cereal Quest: Day 149 – The Great Special K Scandal

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I was excited with the prospect of having another couple of bowls of Special K today, breakfast did not disappoint at all, it was delightful, I can’t believe I am enjoying something with fruit in, I think fruit tastes nicer when you are impressed by their magic ‘refruitanising’ from their freeze dried state.  They did get soggy near the end and the fruit itself has to be eaten at the start of the bowl, otherwise it gets way to soggy and manky.  At work a lunch time I sat down to enjoy bowl 2, safe in the knowledge that I was bound to lose weight, or was I.  I saw in the corner of my eye the calorie stats on the side of the box.  ”173 calories per 30g serving” (I can confirm if you did only eat 30g you would lose weight, you would get ill, it is next to nothing).  That seemed a lot to me so I compared with a similar cereal and was amazed, this Special K with Red Berries, this cereal based all around weight loss and healthy eating has more calories per ‘serving’ than the sugar coated delights of Frosties.  This has annoyed me, they have marketed this product well, but people need to know the truth.  It is no healthier than loads of other cereals, so if you don’t like the taste buy another tastier cereal.  You may well be surprised it even has less calories.

The Cereal Quest: Day 150: The End of Special K with Red Berries

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I sat down this morning after pouring my last bowl of Special K with Red Berries a bit sad.  I have enjoyed being surprised by these ricey flakes.  The dried strawberries are OK, they are nice, a bit too sweet but they get balanced out by the dried raspberries that deliver that bitterness, that is why this cereal works.  At the bottom of the pack I found a distinct lack of cereal dust, instead just smaller bits of Special K Flakes, this was a shame, I like a nice topping of cereal dust and these simply don’t deliver that.  The other big issue with these is the fact that the box is tiny, this was just bowl 4 and they were over.  What is annoying is that normal Special K (without the red berries) is a larger box for a similar price.

Here are the vital statistics for Special K with Red Berries:

Cereal Cost: £2.69
Real Servings per Box: 4
Cost per Serving: 67.25
Pros – Refreshing taste for first thing in the morning.
Cons – Very expensive, no magic dust at the bottom of the pack.


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