Kellogg’s Mini Max Review

The Cereal Quest: Day 156 – Introducing Kellogg’s Mini Max

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Yes, I know what you are thinking, it is probably our first oxymoron cereal.  I must start this cereal with a big thank you to Sally for kindly gifting me with it.  It is a cereal I had never had, one of my bosses as work harps on about these like they are the best thing since sliced bread, literally.  If you have never them they are like miniature bales of hay that have been part covered by drifting snow, you will see on the box that yet again Kellogg’s play the ‘delicious hot’ card:


The snow topping is actually sugar, not snow.  It essentially saves you the time and usage of pouring your own sugar on to Shredded Wheat Bitesize.  It does taste differently to Shredded Wheat Bitesize and I think due to the rounded shape you will end up cutting your gums less.  So far so good for Kellogg’s Mini Max.

The Cereal Quest: Day 157 – Double Mini Max

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Today I had another busy day ahead at work, it was my last day at work before holiday so I took my Kellogg’s Mini Max with me, I had a bowl before I went out and loved them, they suck up milk but stay fairly crispy so when you bite in to them a stream of ice cold milk comes gushing out, similar to popular 90′s bubble gum ‘Bubbaloo’ but better.

As I brought the box in to work I could see my boss was delighted with my decision, little did he know they were a gift.  Mini Max is a strange choice for a favourite cereal in my opinion, but I think he likes them because he has a dog called Max and he was once mini. This is an assumption.  They gave me plenty of energy but made me incredibly clumsy.  I smacked my knee on the door frame walking out the door, tripped over the same bit of carpet twice, tripped up the stairs and hit mysef in the face with the edge of a heavy duty car mat.  Kellogg’s Mini Max must be to blame. After I had had them for lunch I was equally clumsy, just ask my kneecaps (and the pluralisation is intentional).

The Cereal Quest: Day 158 – Taking IBS to the Mini Max

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Well today was inevitable, you don’t eat plenty of wheat for a couple of days without inevitable self combustion and that is what I was greeted with instantly on my awaking this morning.  I’m lucky that at the end of my bed is an en suite bathroom including my dear friend, the toilet.  After the rude awakening what I needed more than anything else in the world was of course another bowl of lovely wheaty Kellogg’s Mini Max.  The thing is I really like them, they taste good and are probably one of the more image conscious cereals of the cereal world with there crunchy sugarry whisp of hair on top.  Despite what was a painful start to the day I genuinely enjoyed this bowl.  I foolishly figured that after that bout of agony first thing I was in the ‘safety zone’ for another IBS episode so as I stood confidently in the ‘basket’s only’ queue in Sainsbury’s imagine my surprise whilst staring at an offer for detergent when my stomach started cramping and the ticking time bomb that is my large intestine started throwing its weight around, I dropped the basket and waddled in to the Sainsbury’s toilet for a long time, a very long time, I didn’t need to look at my watch to figure that out, the man that kept coming in (perhaps he had been eating Mini Max too) and swearing angrily about how someone was still in the one and only cubicle told me that.  Oh Mini Max, I love your taste so why treat me like this?

The Cereal Quest: Day 159 – Bye Bye Mini Max

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Well despite yesterdays problematic toilet visits I was still sad to pour my last bowl of Mini Max out today.  They had been gifted to me by a lovely lady from a lovely family, perhaps this made them taste better in my head but I would like to think that even if I had paid for them I would be as enthusiastic.  I love the way that when you put them in your mouth the milk comes flowing from them but comes out slightly sweetened, milk goes in to your bowl like normal but then says “tonight Matthew I am going to be sweeter”.  Beautiful stuff.  Talking of sweet things my wife made me smile today by saying “I like the smell of wine, it smells like grown ups.”. This is lovely as she is in fact a grown up herself.

Here are the vital statistics for Kellogg’s Mini Max:

Cereal Cost: £2.69
Real Servings per Box: 5
Cost per Serving: 53.9
Pros – Taste great, look great, charming.
Cons – High wheat predictably can cause troubles.


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