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The Cereal Quest: Day 164 – Day 173 – Weetabix with Chocolate

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Well the more observant of you will have noticed a complete lack of updates for a week or so.  It has been hectic and to be honest 9 days of yapping about Weetabix with Chocolate would be enough to kill anyone off so I figured I would do a bumper edition which (just to whet your appetite) includes a song written and performed by yours truly, a letter to Weetabix and disappointment as well as an observation about cows.  If that doesn’t tempt you to read on I don’t know what will.

So for those of you (like me) who don’t (didn’t) know, Weetabix with Chocolate is normal Weetabix but with Chocolate Chips sporadically positioned in, on and around the Weetabix.  The more foolish of you might think “Great, that sounds tasty”, you would be wrong.  Weetabix with Chocolate is fundamentally floored, for starters it is a lot worse than standard Weetabix when it comes to strength, they have broken in to tiny fragments long before their journey to the bowl has been completed, this effects them in two ways, for starters it just looks rubbish, but most importantly is the frustrating daily occurence of the following process: Put 1 and 5/8ths Weetabix in the bowl – pour on milk – put milk back in fridge – turn to bowl in disbelief, where on earth has all the milk gone?!?  This is frustrating, the problem is caused by all the shards and broken bits of Weetabix, it makes the rest of the bowl a complete soggy mess.  This is long before I have even got to picking up the bowl to consume the Weetabix.  Another big problem with these is that I am a purist, I am a fan of Weetabix, but to me having Weetabix with Chocolate is like growing potatoes with cheese already in them, actually scrap that, that would be brilliant.  It is like an artist buying a canvas that some toddler has already defaced with wax crayons (although in the art world these days that would probably be worth millions and described as a ‘classic’).  To top it all, the chocolate chips in Weetabix with Chocolate are not very nice.  Clearly an attempt to get kids eating ‘healthier cereal’ by bribing them with chocolate the chocolate has not been well thought out, serving after serving over the last 9 days I have dreaded this cereal, if anything sums it up the fact my work collegues banned me from bringing it in as it smelt so horrible shows what people think of it.  I was frustrated and annoyed at Weetabix for defacing a classic breakfast cereal, so in the space of 10 minutes I sat down in my car in the baking hot sun with my ukulele and made up a song to explain my feelings, it has a remarkably catchy chorus but unfortunately I was against a clock, and the clock was how much sweat could my car seat absorb off my back before my car was to be deemed a write off so I bodged the video together terribly, didn’t even double check it and wrote Weetabix the following letter:


I am writing this letter to you today as I am currently on a cereal quest, to try every breakfast cereal in the UK box by box, I have had a few of yours so far and they have in the main been very good so thank you.
I am currently on Weetabix Chocolate which I must say I am struggling with somewhat, I thought I would list my issues in an email but instead have decided that as I had my ukulele in my car I would cobble a quick song together for you which explains my problems I have had with Weetabix Chocolate.
You can see the song here: 

I am not a singer, or a good ukulele player but I thought the ‘catchy’ (not my words….OK, my words) chorus might emphasise my point.
However as they say, you don’t want problems – you want solutions.  This is where I am happy to help.  I have devised a plan/designed a tool that will sort the issues I am having of removal/breakages of the precious Weetabix, I have attached 2 pictures of my drawings, sorry but I only had a permanent marker so it may look basic but the design is in fact really good.  Please don’t be alarmed that one of the drawings makes it look like a feminine hygiene product (my collegue pointed this out), I can assure you the prototype (of which I would be happy to help you make) will not look anything like one.
photo1 (6)
photo1 (7)
Please do let me know what you think and also if you have any more products coming out soon.  Please also feel free to let me know what your current complete cereal range is as I enjoy your work a lot more than the likes of Jordans currently!
Many thanks,
Phil Botto”
I eagerly await their reply, still.  As soon as I get it I will let you know what they think.
Whilst I am awaiting their reply please if anyone knows can you let me know if cows drink?  I am starting to worry about cows?  I was driving home in the heat the other day and saw some cows looking hot and realised I have never seen a cow drink, someone should tell farmers.
Anyway here are the vital statistics for Weetabix with Chocolate:
Cereal Cost: £2.69
Real Servings per Box: 9
Cost per Serving: 29.8p
Pros – Cheap.
Cons – Defacing a classic, like someone taking a marker pen to the Mona Lisa to make it smile more.

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