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The Cereal Quest: Day 174 – I Should Be So Lucky, Lucky, Lucky, Lucky

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Finally the words ‘sweet relief’ could be used this morning in the perfect situation.  Not only did Lucky Charms bring me relief but they are also intensely sweet.  They are incredibly sweet, it is no surprise to me that I am still awake at 11.30pm when I had these this morning.  Now Lucky Charms used to be available in the UK in the early 90s but got banned due to sugar content and unhealthiness.  Disappointing because as a child I longed for these, but never fear Tesco’s are here and they have decided to get hold of some imported ones from America and sell them to millionaires or people who need to pay whatever price just because they are on a cereal quest.  £5 for a single box of cereal is outrageous, as I went through the checkout I asked the lady if she wanted the clothes off of my back too, she didn’t understand and briefly thought I was propositioning her, I wasn’t, I made that very clear, perhaps too clear but the point had to be made.

The cereal itself is a random mixture of crispy cereal bits that taste slightly like Cheerios but to make them more exciting there are mini bits of colourful toasted marshmallows, shaped in this box to look like moons and stars, they are incredibly sweet but today at least they were wonderful, the longevity of these to me and my ageing taste buds remains to be seen but I love a challenge.


The Cereal Quest: Day 175 – Lucky Charms

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This morning I had a little more time than usual to enjoy my cereal, Lucky Charms.  This meant the opportunity to peruse the box.  I was very excited to see on the back they had set a challenge to see if you can do the ‘magic eye’ on the back of the box, in days gone by I have tried to do ‘magic eye’ pictures without any success.  If you are unaware of what a magic eye picture is, it is essentially a messy drawing/scribble/photo of nothing in-particular, you stare at it from a couple of centimetres away and then gradully move it further away, then magically you begin to see an image embedded within the original image.  Today was different to my previous magic eye experiences, today, I came, I saw and I conquered.  I was really happy, I would say I equalled the happiness level of when my wife asks me to open a jar that she can’t, a sort of pride.

Anyway I took my time to eat this bowl (something that would have never happened with the previous cereal, Weetabix with Chocolate), I took time to sample spoonfuls of mixed cereal with crisp marshmallow bits, then bowls of just cereal or just crisp marshmallow bits, my favourite was the mixed spoonfuls, thus justifying the crisp marshmallow to cereal ratio that ‘General Mills’ have chosen to put in this box for me.  The sweetened crisp marshmallow bits are a big hit of sugar and on their own can seem a tad intrusive.  The milk they leave behind is a wonderful sweetened blend which cleans the pallet off nicely.

In other news I have had it confirmed by official country folk that cows do drink.  Excellent news.

The Cereal Quest: Day 176 – Not So Lucky Birds

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After a couple of days I was wondering about how lucky these lucky charms actually are.  I’ve had a good couple of days but not really lucky.  So I enjoyed my bowl this morning as I was on edge waiting for the luck to happen.  Nothing did.  I had a big burst of energy after my bowl but that burst did not last long and sadly (for my wife) I had to have an afternoon nap, I love a nap but this was was forced from lack of energy, these give you a quick impressive surge of energy but like episodes of Neighbours it doesn’t seem to last long.

Today there was a very sad, weird TV viewing moment.  The 90′s ‘hottie’ from Wacaday (with Timmy Mallett) Michaela Strachan said on ‘Springwatch’ after the sudden death of a baby bird, “we can’t tell you why it died, but we can show you the baby bird dying.” What followed was far from delightful, we turned it off.

The Cereal Quest: Day 177 – 3 Times as Lucky

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I had 3 bowls of Lucky Charms today, breakfast, lunch and a pre-football tea, surely there would be luck today, there was definitely a lot of sugar.  I noticed today that on the box today that fairly unbelievably there is a health warning stating that some children may react strangely or there may be behavioural changes if they eat excessive amounts of these.  I love the honesty, even if it is forced legally.  It was a busy day at work so the 2 servings there proved vital until the inevitable low, luckily for me there was no need for a nap today, I managed to avoid that fate.  I am not getting bored of the taste, I am still enjoying them, they stay fairly crunchy to the end and the marshmallow bits taste even better when they get a bit milky in my humble opinion.  However, the naming of this product is winding me up a little, yet to see any real luck off them and they aren’t charming.  I do not know about the tests they took prior to releasing them about levels of luck, you would assume they did some.  Then again I was thinking today about ‘mountain bikes’, what percentage of people who have a ‘mountain bike’ have ever ridden them up an actual mountain?  I don’t mean a hill, I mean an actual mountain, like Snowdon, Everest, or even a mountain goat, that at least would justify purchasing one.  Why do they call them mountain bikes?  Road bikes are called road bikes, so off road bikes should be called off road bikes.  For people who take things literally the purchase of a ‘mountain’ bike could lead to a very dangerous death. Whilst in the bath tonight after football I spotted something with a lot more honesty to it:







“Mid to Long, Dull Hair, Prone to Greasiness”.  Precise, insulting (to the level of about a 14 year old) and to the point but somehow helps sell this conditioner.  I think cereals should have a similar system.

Lucky Charms – For people who love being fat and have no care about how much longer their lives last.

Special K – For gullible people who seriously believe anything an advert tells them.

All Bran Golden Crunch – For people who need help or who like funding local dentists.

The Cereal Quest: Day 178 – Happy Birthday!

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Today was my daughters 2nd birthday, such a happy day, but also such a sad day, my little girl is getting so old!  I knew I would need energy today so I was pleased to be eating Lucky Charms, they certainly do give me an adverse effect on my attention and my activity, it’s fair to say I was hyperactive this morning.  My daughter loved the dancing though:


We went to the Oceanarium, a place full of colourful fish and turtles my daughter loved it, when we got back I was absolutely shattered, my energy levels dropped off a cliff, these Lucky Charms are great energy givers short term but I think they are cereals answer to male bravado.

The Cereal Quest: Day 179 – Goodbye Lucky Charms Hello Monster Cereal

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Well it has been an excitable short journey with Lucky Charms but today I knew that, like our weekly bin collections, they were to come to an end.  I poured out the last bowlful and made sure I enjoyed them, I am pretty sure these will be the sweetest cereal on the quest, if they are not I will be very surprised.  So I savoured these little toasted sweetened charms.  So long friends.  Talking of friends, I ask you, why do male friends of mine put winks in text messages to me, if  they winked at me face to face I would be worried, so why do it in text?

Anyway, here are the vital stats for Lucky Charms:

Cereal Cost: £5.00
Real Servings per Box: 8
Cost per Serving: 62p
Pros – Very sweet, unique taste/texture.
Cons – Unbelievable expensive, big energy crash, not sustainable financially.

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