Nestlé Monster Cereal (Monsters Inc) Review

Next up I saw these in Tesco, being yet another apparent ‘Limited Edition’ cereal, I had to buy them:


The box itself actually has a hole where the eye is to make it kind of 3D, it would appear there is a new Monsters Inc. film out called Monsters University so Nestle have teamed up to help advertise the film and sell ‘Monster Cereal’, they are crispy chocolate flavoured cereal curls, they are very crunchy and leave an amazingly nice flavoured milk at the end of the bowl although the chocolate flavour isn’t overly strong on the actual cereal.  They come in two different boxes, the main two characters from Monsters Inc.  I think they are called Mike and Sully, they really stand out on the shelf so no doubt they will sell loads, time will tell if the cereal itself is a long term keeper.

The Cereal Quest: Day 180 – Wheat a Minute

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Ah, the brief enjoyment of the new Nestlé Monster Cereal was abruptly stopped this morning when I woke up with stomach pains.  I re-looked at the box of Nestlé monster cereal to see it is mainly fortified wheat which is worrying and explained my pain.  I ate my bowl of them for breakfast anyway because I know the rules of this quest.  I still enjoyed my bowl but was tentative, like a child stealing a biscuit despite being told not to by his mum. I didn’t get any reaction so felt comfortable eating my 2nd bowl of the day at lunch time, comfortable until I had just put the last crunchy spoonful in my mouth.  My stomach suddenly cramped and squeezed painfully, it rumbled and then I had to disappear to the loo for about 20 minutes.  I like the taste of this cereal, I like the fun box, I even like Monsters Inc. but despite my kind words for it, the Monster Cereal does not appear to like my digestive system.

Whilst eating the cereal I did enjoy an email I received, I had a reply from Weetabix to my letter and accompanying ukulele song/video.  Here is their reply:

“Hi again Phil,

Thanks for your email and packaging suggestion and the accompanying video!
We are pleased to hear you’ve been enjoying our cereals and hope the attached list will help you plan the next part of your quest.
As you know, we’ve recently changed to paper wrappers for Weetabix biscuit products. The feedback has been excellent and very positive with the vast majority of our customers saying they find the new wraps easier to open.
Of course, we do everything we can to make a firm, robust biscuit that will travel well and not crumble as our consumers are trying to release them from the paper.
We have trialled pull-tapes that would tear the wrap to reveal the biscuits but we were not satisfied with the limitations these caused us in our automated packing lines.
We do appreciate you taking the time to share your idea but I don’t think we will be able to pursue this.
Thanks again for contacting us and good luck with the quest.

Kind regards,

I was really pleased to get the email, I was a tad disappointed that they didn’t like my design for a Weetabix removal tool but it is probably my own fault, the drawing I did in permanent marker was clumsy and looked like a feminine hygiene product.

The Cereal Quest: Day 181 – Right, Get Out! Everyone Out, Now!

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Another day this week, another choctastic bowl of ‘Nestlé Monster Cereal’. Crunchy curls of fortified wheat, they stay crunchy til the very very end of the bowl, they produce amazing tasting chocolate milk which must be sipped from the bowl like a cat, a cat with a large amount of dexterity in its paws.  So I enjoyed my bowl, then went upstairs to the bathroom and, like the police raiding a house party they stormed my large intestine (house) and everyone else in there legged it and dispersed at pace, everything in my large intestine got the heck out of there, fast, but painfully fast.  I call this the ‘police raiding a house party effect’ if this occasion is currently unnamed.  Talking of police, (and this comes from a man who plays the ukulele if in a traffic jam) I was driving home tonight from work and there was a bloke driving the other way who genuinely had his daughter (perhaps 4 years old?) sat on his lap, in the driving seat, doing the steering, how on earth is that legal or safe?  He was going slow, but hardly a snails pace, barely sluggish (in fact which one is faster?  A snails pace or sluggish?  Who wins that race of the invertebrates) but he was fast enough to be moving a vehicle forward.  Worrying times on the Hampshire/Dorset border.

The Cereal Quest: Day 182 – 3 Bowls and A New Contender!

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Today was a fun day, when I woke up me and my wife spent about 20 minutes reminiscing about stalls we used to have at our schools when we were younger, this was not only because we are cool, but because we were going to our local village school fete today.

So after our fun chat we went down for breakfast, another bowl of Monster Cereal, the box of which had now begun to catch my daughters eye.  She liked even though she wasn’t born when Monsters Inc. came out.  Toddlers are clever.  She illustrated her cleverness by tricking me in to thinking she actually wanted to spend some quality time sat next to me when in fact she wanted some of my cereal, cereal that had been enhanced by some amazing Channel Island Milk from the milkman.  We then went out to the school fete with my wifes good friend and her extremely cute little boy, we had a great time and a delicious burger.  When we got back to our house Holly’s friend had to go and we did something I have not done for years, as they drove off we stood outside the front of our house waving until they had finally gone round the corner out of sight, I’m pretty sure this is what most people do when visiting grandparents, good times.

I hadn’t been properly filled up by the burger (although it was delicious) so I had my final bowl of Monster Cereal, again with Channel Island milk, it was a good bowl although I did cut my gum on one of the crunchy curls, sad to leave the cereal on a downer but the cereal has generally been enjoyable, in brief analysis I would compare it too birthday cards, they are nice but you could probably go through life without them and still be OK.

Here is my review for Monster Cereal vital statistics:

Cereal Cost: £2.00
Real Servings per Box: 6
Cost per Serving: 33.3p
Pros – Create a joyful chocolatey milk.
Cons – Need a bit more oomph, can cut your gums and cripple your colon.


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