Special K with Hazelnuts and Almonds Review

The Cereal Quest: Day 185 – The Great Special K Scam

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I’ve sat here in front of this screen before in disbelief in regards to various issues so far in the quest, horrendous taste, disgraceful mathematics and terrible claims of serving suggestions from cereal manufacturers.  Tonight however I come here more frustrated and more in need of people to see what I am writing than ever before, tonight I am writing something fundamentally interesting and insightful and that needs sharing.  Today I started Special K with Hazelnuts and Almonds.  It was never going to set the world alight taste wise it has a dull rice flavour which gets a creamy addition in the form of two nuts, the hazelnuts (in cluster form) and almond (I do mean singular, there was one in my serving today).  It holds OK against milk but can go limp if left to long along side the lactose joy that  cows produce.  Now for my big irritation with this cereal.  Special K is targeted as a healthy diet cereal, a slimming aid almost, Kellogg’s have moved to enforce that by doing a whole range of adverts based around dropping a jean size and in addition have even set up ‘myspecialk’ diet planner.  With this in mind I sat down and read the side of the box, I then shook my head in a cartoon style and read it again, then I sat in shock and anger, what I am about to type is genuine, I have checked and double checked.  The well known ‘diet helping’ cereal Special K with Hazelnuts and Almonds has MORE calories, MORE fat and unbelievably MORE sugar than Lucky Charms, the cereal that (lets not forget) was banned from the UK for years because it was so unhealthy!  I do not appreciate overuse of the exclamation mark and I apologise to those offended but I had to use it there.  This is ridiculous.  How can Kellogg’s get away with claiming this as healthy.  I am going to find out.

The Cereal Quest: Day 186 – Speed is of the Essence

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Today I was staring down the barrel of a 2 bowl Special K with Hazelnuts and Almonds, and I can confirm, Special K with Hazelnuts and Almonds tastes a whole lot worse when you are disappointed with it.  I wasn’t angry, I was disappointed.  Especially seeing as both bowls again today were very lacking in almonds.  The creaminess in the cereal it appears is given by miscellaneous grain like balls attached to the bundles of broken up hazelnut, they actually taste OK considering they are hazelnuts.  The flakes themselves today seemed to last less time, I think this is due to me today using semi-skimmed milk instead of the full cream milk I had used yesterday.  They do seem to keep you full up, there is that on their side but truly I can’t help the nagging in my head telling me they are more calorific than Lucky Charms.

The Cereal Quest: Day 187 – Well That Was Fast

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Well not the 10 bowls as advertised on the pack of Special K with Hazelnuts and Almonds, 4 bowls down and they are done.  I am not sad, they don’t taste incredible and they have (as you may have guessed) frustrated me a little.  They are very ricey taste for a flaked cereal, not anything like the tangy aftertaste of corn flakes.  If you stick your tongue out and slap down on it with your index finger you will get a dull noise, that is not very exciting, now hold that excitement…….thats Special K with Hazelnuts and Almonds.  I don’t understand the logic of someone who would choose to purchase them.

Here are the vital statistics for Special K with Hazelnuts and Almonds:

Cereal Cost: £2.79
Real Servings per Box: 4
Cost per Serving: 69.7p
Pros – Creamy.
Cons – Not a low fat diet cereal, barely tastes of anything.

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