Special K Creamy with Berries Review

The Cereal Quest: Day 188 – Old Age Cereal

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This morning I knew at least I had a new cereal to try, sadly it was another variation of Kellogg’s Special K, this time Special K Creamy with Berries.  The box specifies it contains cranberries and raspberries, unfortunately my bowl today only contained cranberries, this is unfortunate because I don’t like cranberries, these were massive cranberries at that, about the size of an olive.  They seemed to burst in to your mouth which isn’t the nicest taste or sensation.  The creaminess comes in the form of an amalgamated lump of bits which when chomped down on create a creamy dispersion of flavour.  These are the saving grace to Special K Creamy with Red Berries, how I cope with tomorrows bowl will be interesting as I am already not looking forward to them.

The Cereal Quest: Day 189 – Stuck in the Middle

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Today was going to be a fun day, for starters I knew it was Touring Cars on TV, for seconds I had thought of a great fun new game to try at our youth group involving trying to pick up a progressively shorter cereal box using only their teeth and only allowing their feet to be touching the floor.  It proved to be an interesting game.  For that I was pleased.  One thing I wasn’t pleased about was having to have a 2nd bowl of Special K with Red Berries, they are not very nice and my body is not tolerating them very well.  The amount of cranberries does my head in, they are massive and not enjoyable and tasteless and to top it all off, they are more calorific than much nicer tasting cereals.  To try and get through the box faster I had another bowl after the youth group in the evening, I felt like I was attempting a bush tucker trial towards the end.

The Cereal Quest: Day 190 – Adding Fuel to the Fire

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Well today is Monday and of course that means I have a mad busy day at work and football in the evening. What I didn’t need was to be faced with my last serving of Special K with Red Berries, what made them even worse was the slowness of the kettle boiling, I had foolishly put milk on my cereal before even boiling the kettle, thus producing very soggy Special K with Red Berries.  They tastes like eating freshly watered soil, I hated it.  Luckily it was the last bowl.  For ever hopefully.

Here are the vital statistics for Special K Red Berries:

Cereal Cost: £2.79
Real Servings per Box: 4
Cost per Serving: 69.7p
Pros – Not many bowls.
Cons – Tastes horrible, far too many cranberries, far too little raspberries.

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