Fuel (My 10K Hours) Granola Review

But as the Special K with Red Berries door closed another door opened.  And walking through that door was:


‘Fuel’ (My 10K Hours).  Yes my initial response was to question the fact that the bag is only 60% full and the bag was tiny to begin with but it tasted very nice, for a granola based product.  It is full of different fruits, I believe it is red currants debut in the quest and big apple bits and miscellaneous chewy bits.  It tasted quite nice, however I have had my most bizarre reaction to a cereal yet, I call it ‘fat tongue burn’.  Soon after consumption my tongue swelled up, felt bruised and my mouth and chest had a burning sensation, 9 hours later it is still the same.  This is very annoying and worrying and to top it all, ‘Fuel’ didn’t exactly produce my most energetic display at football tonight. Not my words, my team mates.

The Cereal Quest: Day 191 – Fat Tongue

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This morning I woke up with a continuation of yesterday’s strange burning pain in my mouth and on my tongue. My tongue felt not only painful but it was now massive and hurt to talk, which for a man who talks as much as me is frustrating. The other issue was that I had a bowlful of juicy crunchy granola, eating it was extremely painful but I am literally a man on a mission so I knew I had to eat it. There was another burning issue, my throat and chest. Burning tingly pain, it was weird and frustrating.  Trying to chew on very crunchy granola when your tongue hurts is not fun, and nor is the burning feeling developing in my body but to be fair to Fuel Granola it tastes really good, for granola.  My day got a bit more interesting when I went in to Tesco at lunch time and was approached by a man who, for a brief moment I thought was stalking me, who said “excuse me sir, do you like breakfast cereals?”.  He was working for Jordans cereals who had a display unit/van thing set up to get people to try their products and talk about their products.  5 minutes later he massively regretted speaking to me, he had not prepared for my visit to Tesco’s, he was badly unprepared.

The Cereal Quest: Day 192 – Burn Baby Burn

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Waking up with your mouth and throat still burning from breakfast the day before would be frustrating for anyone, but waking up with your mouth and throat still burning form breakfast the day before AND with a back which (due to using your head/neck to swivel the whole weight of your body during sleep to discover the cooler side of the bed) was not working properly is incredibly frustrating.  My tongue was not any better either, still fat and bruised.  Its been a strange week and I have to put some of it down to this Fuel Granola.  It is sad really as this is a nice tasting cereal and texture wise hits the spot but unfortunately it has painful weird side effects, I would say the burning sensation is similar to ‘Jawbreakers’   (if anyone remembers those from being young).  It is also a shame that you only get 3 servings in the box.

Here are the vital statistics for Fuel Your 10K Hours Granola:

Cereal Cost: £3.29
Real Servings per Box: 3
Cost per Serving: £1.09
Pros – Tastes really good for granola.
Cons – Horrible burning sensation and incredibly expensive.


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