Nestle Nesquik Cereal

The Cereal Quest: Days 220 – 224 – Nestle Nesquik Cereal

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Another cereal, another 5 servings, this time I bought the cereal to stop the rot, the rot in my gut.  I needed a break from the heavily oat based cereals, I needed a comfort cereal.  Unfortunately, since I last had Nesquik it has changed, for the worse.  The chocolate flavour is there visibly, but the chocolatey flavour has all but gone.  It’s very crunchy and to be fair it leaves a nice flavoured milk but this does not make up for the fact they have dropped flavour in favour of more wheat to make it better for kids.  It did not make it better for me as on the 5th and final day after breakfast I headed to work, I got to work at 9am, by 10.30am I had been to the loo in a big way 5 times.  It was immensely embarrassing and awkward and most importantly, painful.  My goodness me, not even Andrex with Shea Butter could have stopped me from the burning pain of 5 quick trips.  On the plus side during eating Nesquick cereal I did get introduced to bar billiards by Mlekotaki Darren and played a couple of games in a small bar, it was quality, and I can confirm I have never lost a game of bar billiards in my life, what a fact. I drove home and immediately looked on eBay to buy a bar billiards table, I was excited, excitement lasted at best 2 minutes when I realised that even a used battered 2nd hand one would cost me the best part of £600.00.  In a brief conclusion to Nesquik, it owes my boss about an hour of work but has given me an undefeated record at bar billiards.

Here is my review of Nesquik cereal:

Cereal Cost: £2.49
Real Servings per Box: 5
Cost per Serving: 49.9p
Pros – Good milk, stays crunchy in milk.
Cons – Embarrassingly regular toilet trips.

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