Weetabix Crispy Minis with Fruit and Nuts

The Cereal Quest: Days 225 – 229 Weetabix Crispy Minis Fruit & Nut

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My next challenge was to heavily involve one of my most daunting ingredients, wheat.  Now  me and wheat have simply agreed that although we are not best friends we will agree to try to get on.  Weetabix Crispy Mini’s are a slight change of angle and size to the normal Weetabix offerings (as the name suggests).  These mini versions of Weetabix get poured in to the bowl like a more regular cereal, which to me instantly makes them more friendly and attractive to eat.  These had sporadically dotted bits of raisins and nuts.  Let me shock you, these are actually really quite nice. They needed a bit of sweetening with a liberal dusting of granulated sugar and on one day caster sugar due to me forgetting to buy sugar when asked.  Weetabix Crispy Mini’s came at a very happy time too.  They were here for our baby’s 20 week scan, things were good and the baby (currently located inside my wife) was fine.  That night I helped to take a youth group to watch the south’s biggest talent show Talent Call.  It was a good night out, and bought a pleasant end to the week that had generally been fun and eventful.  There were 2 days during the 5 of eating this cereal where I was questioning completing the quest, my insides were quickly becoming my outsides and my stomach cramping was agonising, but I know that this is the rough to the occasional smooths such as Ricicles.

Here are the vital statistics for Weetabix Crispy Minis with Fruit and Nuts:

Cereal Cost: £2.29
Real Servings per Box: 5
Cost per Serving: 45.8p
Pros – A refreshing adaptation of a classic cereal, made more fun by their size.  A great fun Thursday.
Cons – Agony.

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