Weetabix Crispy Minis with Chocolate

The Cereal Quest: Day 230 – 234 – Weetabix Crispy Minis with Chocolate – Carnage

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I stood contemplating where to take the quest next, I stared confused as to what cereals I had previously tried and had to Google this website to double check, that pretty much sums up my memory.  I played it safe and logical, I chose one I knew 100% I hadn’t had before and logically thought it would be a good time to have it.  Having just has Weetabix Crispy Minis with Fruit and Nut I opted for its sibling, Weetabix Crispy Minis with Chocolate, I was not looking forward to these having had Weetabix Chocolate and being far from impressed, however if this quest has taught me one thing it is not to judge a book by its cover, more specifically; not to judge a cereal by its box or by past experiences.  Straight away after bowl one I knew these were going to bring me more happiness than the Weetabix Chocolate, I don’t know why but possibly because they were smaller and I knew I wouldn’t have to have 12 servings I could try and focus more on individual servings.  Again I had to sprinkle with sugar because the chocolate is not a sweet tasty chocolate, the chocolate is nothing more than a gimmick to entice kids.  These 5 days saw one of the most exciting/scary/dangerous/fun days of my life, me, my wife and my daughter were meeting 3 other couples with young children for a picnic at local childrens attraction Honeybrook Farm near Wimborne, a nice relaxing afternoon out with the kids we thought.  What was to follow will stick with all of us for many many years to come.  We bought a picnic to share, each bringing a different picnic element, we sat in a circle around the edges of 4 carefully squarely placed picnic blankets, ours was donated kindly by the previous owner of my car, so a big thank you to him.  As we sat down on the grass surrounded by other families and a few scatterings of chickens, ducks, geese we tucked in, all was peaceful and tranquil, soon however things would change.  My brothers new wife revealed she was not a fan of birds, particularly chickens.  It was almost as if the chickens heard her and sensed the opportunity.  To set the scene there was at least another 10 groups of families/friends enjoying picnics, the sun was shining and aside from the lack of an uncut tiger bread loaf the picnic was perfect.  On hearing of possible chicken fear one chicken started hovering around us, occasionally he would look enquiringly at my new sister in law to try and freak her out, it worked, he knew he had a chance to grab some delicous fresh picnic food.  From merely pottering around the outside of our group this chicken darted across out picnic blankets quickly swooping for some bread, his blast of pace clearly disorientated him slightly as he landed his claw feet in the wide open ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter’ my sister in law screamed, a few of us jumped to our feet to usher this beaked invader away, unfortunately his successful jaunt encouraged his mates over, in the blink of an eye we had at least 5-6 chickens running riot on our lunch, one ended up stepping in the houmous (it was that type of picnic) one hot stepped it out of there carrying a slice of chorizo in his mouth, 1 by one children were running, bursting into tears of terror, their understandable crying attracting more and more varieties of birds to the party, each carrying away various treats although much like humans no one wanted to touch the olives.  A duck carried away some Roast Chicken Pringles but sadly didn’t reverse the Pringles and stack them in his mouth to make him look like a duck, to be fair to him he had no need.  The picnic couldn’t get any worse, until the wasps joined in, crawling all over things, I pretty much guarded my family really well from them in a manly heroic way, I’m sure my wife would echo that but we’ll never know.  It wasn’t the chickens that annoyed me, nor the ducks or geese, the most annoying thing was that throughout the ‘Chicken Trauma of 2013′ some woman was feeding ducks with her son/grandson and clearly didn’t have eyes, she somehow didn’t see numerous screaming children/mums and was throwing bread in the direction of the already well fed chickens, I enjoying throwing the remains of our picnic in her general direction.  Later on we went for coffee and some of the wives were excited to see ex-Brookside child Ray Quinn, excited but not excited enough to go and speak to him, just excited enough to question husbands on whether it was really him.  The rest of the trip was fun, pony grooming, tractor rides, penned in animals, it was great.  I would imagine it was that mornings Weetabix Crispy Mini’s with Chocolate that gave me the courage to get through the ordeal.  I was grateful but like so often in the quest after becoming so friendly with the cereal it turned round and got me where is hurts, the toilet.   All in all the cereal was a massive improvement on Weetabix Chocolate and I was sad that it was only on the last day that I decided to try them microwaved with milk and sugar because that tasted very good indeed.

Cereal Cost: £2.29
Real Servings per Box: 5
Cost per Serving: 45.8p
Pros – Tastes really good and gave me courage and bravery.
Cons –  Chickens could smell it on me.


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