Shredded Wheat Bitesize Summer Fruits

The Cereal Quest: Days 235 – 237 Shredded Wheat Bitesize Summer Fruits

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The time of year chose this cereal for me, we have recently had some blisteringly hot weather, the sort of weather we lovingly say summers used to be like.  The more observant of you will notice this is the 3rd wheat based cereal in a row for me,  this was brave, very brave indeed.  These though had a certain charm to them, almost an angelicness as I picked them up and put them in my basket.  Once I had poured them out and bitten in to them they danced on my tongue and awoke my taste buds, they are literally packed full of fruity squidgy flavour bombs which burst out of the dull wheaty coating and come to life, they are almost too flavourful.  They are in a very thin box which is why they only lasted 4 servings, 3 days as I had 2 servings on the first day, the 2nd was simply to get my head around the flavour.  Day 3 was my birthday, I turned 28 but was pleased as for the last year in my head I had thought I was already 28, my birthday treat was to go to Ikea, not specifically to buy anything but I just love intelligence, I love ideas and I love clever designs, my daughter loved beds. There is barely a bed in the Southampton branch of Ikea that my daughter has not jumped on and said “nice…and….cosy.”  She loved Ikea more than me, she was running around (which considering she has only just learnt to walk is impressive) like a lunatic and of course she loved the Ikea cafe too.  The day before my birthday me, my brother and 2 friends went to watch the new Alan Partridge movie; Alpha Papa, it was brilliant, utterly hilarious.  I had a great few days with this Shredded Wheat Summer Fruits, it’s going to be a tough act to follow.

Cereal Cost: £2.69
Real Servings per Box: 4
Cost per Serving: 67.25p
Pros – Bursting with flavour, gave me plenty of energy for Ikea.
Cons – Very small box, not one that will feed a family for long.


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