Shredded Wheat Orchard Fruits

The Cereal Quest: Day 247 (Part 2) – Shredded Wheat Orchard Fruits

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So after a busy day at work and an almost dazzling display on the football pitch tonight I was a hungry young man and wanted something quick so I turned to my next breakfast cereal, Shredded Wheat Orchard Fruits, I decided to have these so soon after Shredded Wheat Summer Fruits so I could give a good comparison (and because these were also on offer).  Texture wise they were identical to the Summer Fruits version but taste wise they were different, these have a plum and apple filling, it is also claimed there is cinnamon inside but I did not taste any tonight.  It is hard to gauge their initial benefits as pretty much as soon as I finished the bowl I have written this and will soon be asleep.  Until tomorrow.

The Cereal Quest: Day 248 – Still Got the Get Up and Go

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So there I was thinking it may have been the Kellogg’s Multi Grain Shapes that was giving me get up and go, these Shredded Wheat Orchard Fruits have taken it up a level, soon after eating my bowl I headed to work and went in to the kitchen which looked like a filthy disgrace, glasses that over 4 days ago had had a smoothie in them had turned lumpy and brown and looked like a dirty protest, the whole place was a right state so I sorted it out and cleaned it up myself, I don’t know what is happening to me recently, I cleaned the garage out on Sunday after my bike ride, I did loads of chores around the house last night before football and now I am tidying at work, I feel like a heavily pregnant woman nesting except I can use a baby as an excuse for the size of my stomach.  It is crazy stuff, my wife will be most shocked and impressed with the ‘new me’.  Lets see how long it lasts, will Shredded Wheat Orchard Fruits maintain the momentum, I’m sure Mrs B must hope so.

The Cereal Quest: Days 249 – 251 – Shredded Wheat Orchard Wheats


These little parcelled up shots of intense fruitiness continued lovingly to caress my inner get up and go.  I was flittering and fluttering any which way I was needed to go, I was constantly getting things, doing things, collecting things, until the last afternoon on the Shredded Wheat Orchard Fruits, almost as if my body new they would not be topped up any more I started to crash, my enthusiasm was lacking and on the last day  I had to go to Asda to pick up some Soda Stream syrups because a) they were an amazing deal, and b) because I really am that cool.  When I went through the checkout a seemingly very happy man was scanning my items, then in a sad tone said “Are you going to the Air Show next weekend?” to which I said no and explained that the traffic alone is reason not to bother going let alone sitting for hours staring at the sky, just think of the neck issues.  He then went on t explain that Asda will in no way let him have the time off, he was clearly upset.  After I had finished at the checkout I had to check if the newest edition of the Peppa Pig Magazine had been released (this is what’s happened to my life) and I wasn’t far away from the checkout I had used, it was so sad in the end, the guy working at the checkout told every person he served the same news about Asda not giving him the time off, he was gutted so please Asda if you are reading give him the day off!  A happy worker is a more productive worker, currently you have a bitter worker!  His sadness seemed to encouraged my laziness and sadly the last night of these was hardly get up and go, more got up and gone.

Here are the vital statistics for Shredded Wheat Orchard Wheats

Cereal Cost: £2.69
Real Servings per Box: 5
Cost per Serving: 53.8p
Pros – An enthusiastic look at life is the the reward for eating these.
Cons – Not particularly cheap.

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