Honey Monster Choco Wows

The Cereal Quest: Days 264 – 271 Honey Monster Choco Wows

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These strange treats were to play a part on one of the hardest things I have had to do in my life.


Honey Monster Choco Wows are a bizarre breakfast cereal and certainly one of the best efforts I’ve seen of a cereal that looks chocolatey and appealing for children but has got good stuff in it too.  Although the picture I took doesn’t show them clearly they are chocolate rings that are nice and crunchy but they have got bits of oats scattered randomly on to the rings.  The combination is an odd one, you get a chocolatey kick but then there is a dull oaty aftertaste, this is when they are eaten in a traditional manner, i.e. with milk.  However, this week was not an ordinary week.  This week included doing the ‘Alderholt 150′ challenge.  I had been training for about 6 weeks for this challenge which was essentially a challenge taken on by a team of about 13 people to ride what turned out to be over 150 miles in 3 days, 6 weeks ago I tried riding my bike less than a mile and by the end I was sweating buckets and was out of breath, a knee injury (due to riding a childs bike) and a change of bike kindly lent to me by my good friend Ian and all was now going a bit better.   The first day of the ride was tiring, I thought I had now learnt what a hill climb is really like, I wanted to stay professional and continue my cereal quest so I had a serving before I left and a serving for lunch but this time they were bone dry, I snacked on them throughout the day and they gave me a great energy boost, they also tasted a lot better as a dry cereal as the milk wasn’t there to wash away the chocolatey flavour.  The second day of the challenge I had another more traditionally served bowl of Honey Monster Choco Wows, this day was to be the day I really understood what a proper hill climb was, somewhere on the way from Devizes to Gillingham we were riding and another rider turned to me and said “you know that we are now riding alongside a river, there isn’t a lower point, there has to be a big hill soon.” he was spot on, the most ridiculously long hill to pedal up, this was late afternoon and the energy gained from breakfast was now gone, I had been riding about 50 miles so far and had been kept up a bit the night before by a friend who sounded like he was chewing crisps in his sleep.  The third day however saw a worse issue than this hill.  My wife won’t allow me to publish full details but all I can say is a sincere sorry to the cleaners of the lovely church hall in Gillingham, I have learnt that if a huge bowl of oaty porridge is offered to me, no matter how rude I feel by saying no I should  kindly refuse the offer, sadly this day I didn’t and my body simply wasn’t prepared to store oats for more than about 5 minutes.  All in all this cereal was good, no where near as good as Chocolate Cheerios in my opinion but it was a nice treat.

Here are my vital statistics for Honey Monster Choco Wows:

Cereal Cost: £2.69
Real Servings per Box: 7
Cost per Serving: 38.4p
Pros – A good disguised healthy cereal for kids.
Cons – Very odd oat scattering and weak chocolate flavour.

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