Kelloggs Chocolate Cornflakes


The Cereal Quest: Day 19 – All is Forgiven Kellogg’s!



After yesterday’s teaser I can reveal my new cereal is Kellogg’s Chocolate Cornflakes. Going back to the late 90′s these were available under a different guise of ‘Kellogg’s Choco Flakes’ these then disappeared off our shelves for years for reasons unknown (and I am unsure I would get an answer from Kellogg’s if I asked them as they have yet to reply to me when I asked them to whether they had considered selling Froot Loops as Frisbee’s for Mice) and have now come back with a big banner on the top of the box saying ‘new’, don’t fall for it, to quote Alan Partridge “they’ve rebranded it you fool!”. Strangely unlike modern culture where two words are annoyingly and Americanly merged together to produce one word, e.g. Jedward (feel free to think of your own). But that is not important, the important thing is they taste amazing, they are oozing chocolately goodness, they smell amazing and although the box is now 125g lighter than it used to be as its now 375g not 500g I weighed my pack and Kellogg’s seem to have given me an extra 7g, bonus.

The major downside I have so far is they are too good, I’ve had 3 bowls today!!!


The Cereal Quest: Day 20 – In and Out Faster than a Chelsea Manager



This morning was cold, really cold, even for a manly man like me.  The sort of temperature that means getting out of bed must be done one limb at a time, first your toes pop out but jump back under the safety of the cover like a snail retracts in to its shell when you poke it in the head with a twig.  Eventually after a lot of shivering I made it downstairs excitedly to get another yummy bowl of Kelloggs Chocolate Cornflakes, I poured them out in to the bowl and realised that the box was now empty, unbelievable, just 4 servings, not 12 as it suggests on the pack, I am confused why Kelloggs decide to make any boxes with chocolatey cereal in 25% smaller that the non chocolate versions.  I would also love to see how anyone would make that box stretch to 12 servings, Jesus fed 5000 people with just a few loaves and fishes, it would take someone as special as Him to do it.

To be fair to Kelloggs they taste amazingly good and I could eat them for breakfast, lunch and tea, in fact I did exactly that yesterday, hence why the box only lasted 2 days.

Just 20 days in and 4 cereals down, I will be on to another tomorrow, exciting times!  Here are the stats for Kelloggs Chocolate Cornflakes (or Choco Flakes in old money).

Cereal Cost:  £2.29
Real Servings per Box: 4
Cost per Serving: 57.25p
Pros – Taste incredibly good, they are to cereal what Lasagne is to a pub menu, I would have them every time if I could.
Cons – Only the price really, even with my “I love Kelloggs Chocolate Cornflakes” glasses on I can see that they are a rich mans cereal.

I can already guess what you are thinking, “Phil, what is the CPS (cost per serving) in comparison with your other cereals so far?”, good news, I have done a bar chart:

What about SPB (Servings per Box)?

Tomorrow I start a ‘cult cereal’….

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