About the Quest

I am setting out on this quest to try every breakfast cereal there is in the UK box by box, starting with main brands then if I don’t get completely fed up all the variations of supermarket brands too.  This is a journey that will most likely take years.  I will be looking for pros, cons, side effects, finding out how many servings you really get per box and making daily diary entries on here to monitor the highs and lows of the quest.

The quest was partly born out of necessity and partly for fun, if you enjoy reading it or have enjoyed a particular day please buy a box of cereal for a family who needs it by clicking here.

I happily welcome your feedback and suggestions, both serving and general.

2 thoughts on “About the Quest

  1. How do you deal with the inevitable dust at the bottom of the boxes?
    Do you regard it as a disposable item, or do you regard the packet as unfinished until you have consumed that, too?


    • Very good question kind sir.
      I was thinking about that this morning as I realised that there was barely any ‘dust’ at the bottom of the Curiously Cinnamon. I personally love the dust so I try and get plenty of it, especially in things like Rice Krispies.

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