Jordans Country Crisp (with Raspberries)

The Cereal Quest: Day 31 – Introducing Jordans




For the last few days my daughter has been feeling pretty ill, yesterday I prayed saying I would prefer to be ill than her, especially over Christmas.  Well this morning I had answered prayer, I felt horrible, shivery, hot then cold, my mouth tasted like I had been licking the inside of my cars wheel arches.  This was not a great way to start with my new cereal, however my daughter seemed a lot better, thank you God.

I didn’t feel like food but as they say ‘The Cereal Quest must go on’.  One thing is for sure when I am poorly I want a breakfast that will wake up my taste buds, kick them in to gear, I definitely did not want to read “Baked Oat Clusters” on the box, about as appealing as chewing a cupboard.  BUT the difference with these is that they come with ‘tangy freeze dried raspberries’, I can’t lie, the baked oat clusters, this morning at least, were not very exciting, but the occasional sweet and sour raspberries were like a taste sensation.  So my first ever experience of a Jordans Cereal in Jordans Country Crisp with Tangy Raspberries has been so far so good.

Any side effects were hard to notice as I spent most of the day in bed shivering, but it is Christmas Eve Eve and I am hopeful that by Christmas Day I will be able to give a not manky mouth taste assessment.

Until tomorrow!

The Cereal Quest – Don’t Panic, Don’t Panic!

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The more observant of you may realise that there has been a huge lack of updates over the last couple of weeks, the more cynical of you will assume this is due to me having some sort of exciting Christmas break with a multi cereal binge chucked in, but you would be wrong.  As previously stated, I have had a history of problems with oat based cereals, they have made me ill before, badly ill.  Unfortunately for Jordans Country Crisp (with raspberries), they coincided with me having flu, not man flu, not a cold, but proper flu, which I thought I had had plenty of times but now realised that I hadn’t, it is awful.  You know when your body can’t muster up the energy to reach for the remote control to turn off awful Christmas TV when it is only 30cm away that you are ‘poorly’.  The combination of flu and Jordans Country Crisp caused a fairly bad reaction (fairly in the same way Hitler was ‘fairly’ nasty), on the morning of Christmas Eve I ate my Jordans Country Crisp, walked upstairs and went for a wee.  That is all I remember.  Next I knew was when my wife was kneeling over me trying to get me to talk, I had collapsed and hit my head a couple of times on the way down on the sink and the door.  This was not a good start to Christmas, I ended up in hospital on Christmas Eve and then spent the next 8 days in bed, to say this Christmas was anti-climatical would be an understatement.

It has taken until now to get some of my taste back, for the last 8 days the inside of my mouth has tasted like I had consumed the contents of our Henry vacuum cleaner, there would have been little point in wasting days of the cereal quest not being able to taste.  Tomorrow I start again, I am going to go for a new cereal, one with no oats, I can’t risk the high oat content of those evil Jordans Country Crisp while I still feel ill.

Although Christmas was frustrating (in a change to the norm I actually lost half a stone, I am going on a New Years Anti-Diet, I believe the word is ‘binge’), I did get what has to be the world most random duplicate gift, we’ve all had duplicate DVDs or CDs or various other things but for both of my brothers to purchase me spoons with ‘The Cereal Quest’ engraved on them is as random as it comes.  I am most grateful to them as a) they look great, b) they will assist me in the quest and c) they mean I only have to wash up every other day.  Thank you to them.

Tomorrow I will reveal, a little later than expected the official take from the Honey Monster himself as to why Sugar Puffs make your wee smell.  Be excited, moderately excited.

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