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The Cereal Quest: Day 41 – Party (Puffs) Time!

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After a quick poll last night it was decided that today I start ‘Party Puffs’, these are another offering from Honey Monster UK, the makers of course of Sugar Puffs, the difference, the party element of these are that there are red, white and blue coloured balls of meringue scattered within the Sugar Puffs, presumably because some people think Sugar Puffs aren’t sweet enough.  They were originally released as a limited edition during the summer, I assume they were jumping on the British bandwagon with the Jubilee and Olympics, perhaps confirmed by the fact that on the box the Honey Monster is dressed as one of the Queens guards.

Honey Monster UK are a fun company, I know that having spoke to them during the time I was eating Sugar Puffs earlier in the quest (see older posts).  So what a treat to see this on top of the box:


After a nice lie in on this relaxed Saturday morning I was definitely up for getting the party started:

party puffs1

After a bit of unnecessary dancing with a box of cereal (to the complete and utter confusion of my daughter) I was ready for the party, which by shaking the box, I had just got started.  As you can imagine, I was excited, until I poured out my bowl of Party Puffs:


No meringue balls.  Not happy.  I sifted through the bowl with my hands, literally none.  On the box the Honey Monster has at least 11 in his bowl, no wonder he’s so happy, imagine the opposite of the Honey Monsters face, thats how I looked, although I was less jaundiced.  I decided to do a bit of investigating, I removed the inner packet:


I could see none.  Not happy, especially after I danced with them in such an excitable fashion, presumably to mix the meringue balls in.  Maybe they are in the bottom of the bag somewhere.  Time will tell.  Unfortunately this meant I simply had a bowl of Sugar Puffs, which I have previously had in my quest, you can see here:

I can settle one thing that came up during my time with Sugar Puffs, I have had it from the Honey Monsters mouth, he answered my letter, the reason that Sugar Puffs make your wee smell is:

“Hi Phil, thanks for your interesting question. You’re right, Sugar Puffs, Asparagus and many other foods can make your wee smell different. This is believed to be due to sulphur-containing amino acids in the cereal that break down during digestion. You’ll find these amino acids in lots of foods. 

Different people form different amounts of these compounds, and many people cannot smell an odour even when they produce the compounds. Most importantly, there is nothing unhealthy about your reaction. Hope that helps! – HMF”

Tomorrow there better be some meringue!!!

The Cereal Quest: Day 42 – Party Puffs ‘Slight’ Improvement

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This morning after another weekend lie in until 9:00 (what an amazing wife I have!) I went downstairs.  As someone open to giving things a second chance I decided to give Party Puffs another go.  I shook them again to ‘get my party started’:

party puffs1

and then I poured out my cereal, to my slight excitement I managed to find 6 small meringuey balls of scuffed up joy.  I then redistributed evenly between the Sugar Puffs using my finger tips and poured over the milk.  This is pretty much where the excitement ends when it comes to Party Puffs.  Seeing these little eroded ball shapes is the highlight.  Perhaps the Honey Monster was having a confused day when he made these but he surely put little thought in to it.  The problem is, Sugar Puffs main taste is sugar, meringue is essentially sugar so although they add a tiny bit of sporadic crunch to your breakfast, they add no taste what so ever.  It is the equivalent of a bread sandwich.  On a slight note a bread sauce sandwich is yummy, try it then come back and thank me.  I’m going to try and bring the lack of additional flavour provided with meringue up with Honey Monster Foods tomorrow.  I will reveal any answers tomorrow.  Until then have a good one!

The Cereal Quest: Day 43 – What a Day!

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This morning I was very excited about another installment of incredibly sweet (meant in a literal sense rather that mid-nineties ‘sweeeeet!’ sense) Party Puffs. How many meringue balls would I get in my bowl to kickstart my day? The answer, 6. Again not really enough to notice they were there sadly.
However this was the first working day since I started Sugar Puffs Party Puffs so I was keen to see if they have me a big burst of energy. As you may recall my car is currently expensively injured so my kind mother let me borrow her car for work today, 35 minutes in to a 40 minute journey I was sat there thinking what a quiet lovely car this was. 37 minutes in to my 40 minute journey, approaching a roundabout at about 40mph I had a face of mild panic and a gear stick that had gone incredibly limp and seemingly detached itself from the gearbox. I managed to forcibly hold it roughly where 3rd gear would be and got it to work. Luckily this can be fixed by someone as un mechanical as me with a £4.00 part but I don’t like the fact that in my last 40 minutes driving my cam belt has snapped and a gearstick has disconnected in my hands. Luckily my very good friend Anthony was on hand to help out when I needed it and he picked me up after work, we went back to his and it gave me a chance to see my awesome Godson. Before Anthony put his boy to bed we were watching In the Night Garden when a sentence I had never expected came from Anthony’s mouth, it made me realise we are now VERY old. He said the following;
“The CGI (computer generated imagery) on In the Night Garden is incredible”.

Usually before football on a Monday I will eat a bowl of which ever cereal I am on, being at Ant’s meant I couldn’t, so instead after an average performance on the pitch I had a bowl when I got home. It had an amazing 17 meringue balls in. They really gave a big Crunch although they are the type of ‘fingers down a blackboard’ meringue. I imagine this is why I am still writing my diary entry at 11:46pm! So much sugar!

The Cereal Quest: Day 44 – Flow Chart Fun!

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There are plenty of things that you learn at school where you think “why are you making me learn this? I am never going to use this knowledge in adulthood”, Pythagoras, analysing poetry, German etc. today however I finally utilised a classic school skill, the flow chart. So to celebrate I will sum up my day in a simple effective way.

Alarm at 6.50 – Snooze – Alarm at 7.00 – Snooze – Wife’s alarm at 7.08 – Got up – Went downstairs – consumed a bowl of Party Puffs (33 meringue balls!) – Instant sugar high – got lift to work – worked – got home and danced to ‘The Wiggles’ with my daughter (still on sugar high) – put daughter to bed – played Call of Duty with good friend – fun chat with my wife – write today’s diary entry still under the influence of enough sugar to feed a small country for a month due to Party Puffs despite knowing I have to be up at 5.30am tomorrow!.

The Cereal Quest: Day 45 – Painfully Embarrassed and Sorry

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The year was……….about 5/6 years ago, on a dark evening in our flat in a sleepy hollow called Sandleheath.  I was tasked with cooking the evening meal for me and my wife, which tends to mean I look for something quick and easy to make that takes minimal effort.  Egg and chips, the perfect simple meal, I put a generous portion of chips in the pre-heated  oven, waited about 15 minutes and started on frying some eggs, 2 eggs each, runny please.  I cracked the eggs (something that recently I have learnt to do one handed so I look like someone off the Great British Bake Off) in to the frying pan, one egg, two eggs, three eggs, and then the fourth, except the fourth was incredible, there was something about the fourth egg that would no doubt change my life.  I had never seen or heard anything like it, this egg had not one, but two yolks.  I had witnessed something amazing here, something that the media will be crawling over, I rushed and got my camera, took  shed load of photos and danced around the flat for a bit in a mixture of surprise and delight.  The papers are going to want to know all about “The man with the 2 yolked egg”, there would be book deals, a media frenzy, I would be able to buy us a house, buy our parents houses and so much more.  I knew exactly who to call to tell about this, I called my Dad, he was going to be so excited, he was going to rush round to mine to witness this miracle.  I picked up the phone and dialled him, “Dad!” I said, “You are not going to believe this, something incredible has happened and its going to change our lives!”,  Dad was excited, I could tell as he didn’t make a sarcastic comment.  Excitedly I bellowed “Dad, I have an egg here that has 2 yolks in it!”, “OK…..” said Dad in a very unexcited voice.  I repeated myself in case Dad was watching the football or something else was distracting him when I said it the first time.  ”Dad, I have an egg here that has 2 yolks in it!”,   ”Yeah, a double yolker” he said.  ”I don’t know what they are going to call it yet Dad!” I replied.  ”No, that is what they are called” he said.  ”What?  Who called?  What Called? What?”.  My Dad then went on to explain that ‘double yolkers’ are not uncommon, there was to be no media frenzy, there was no need for a large array of beautiful angled photos of egg yolks and most importantly I was embarrassed.

A few years before I was at a friends house, it was a hot day, I was experimenting trying to work out if Cornetto’s would stick to my nose in a humorous way, they did. Unfortunately they leave an ice creamy mess on your nose so I picked up the hose, held it towards my nose and pulled the hose trigger.  Except this hose was not a normal hose, this was to be a very memorable introduction to the world of pressure washers.  I massive jet of water propelled at my face at a ridiculous pace, my nasal passages got the equivalent of a high speed colonic irrigation in seconds, my lower face got pummelled.  This was painful.

These were both big mistakes, one painful and one embarrassing.  My first days review of Party Puffs was maybe a bit harsh, yes it was frustrating, I had danced and shaked (as per the boxes instructions), yes there were no meringue balls, but now I know why.  Perhaps the Honey Monster should re-badge the box.  It shouldn’t say “shake the box to get the party started”, it should read “tip them all out in to a big bowl, mix them around and put them back in the box”.  Today I only had half a bowl left of my Sugar Puffs Party Puffs and that half a bowl was swimming with these meringue balls, absolutely loads, too many, I couldn’t get a spoonful of Sugar Puffs without them.  They just need to be better mixed.  All in all I have enjoyed these Party Puffs from Honey Monster Foods, we got off to a bad start but we are friends now.  I am painfully embarrassed at the way I originally reflected on them and I am sorry.

Here are their vital statistics:

Cereal Cost:  £2.29
Real Servings per Box: 4.5
Cost per Serving: 50.8p
Pros – A slight change to normal Sugar Puffs, good if you need to stay awake.
Cons – Need to be distributed better within the boxed, quite expensive and hard to find now.

You may have noticed the lack of the cereal quest yesterday, unfortunately after getting up at 5.30am and heading up to Manchester including a 2 hour delay (stupid A34) to have a meeting with a lovely supplier we then headed back and hit the M6, another 2 hour delay.  I got back at 10:30pm absolutely knackered and consuming no cereal.  I did however eat an ‘Olympic Breakfast’ at Little Chef.

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