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The Cereal Quest: Day 52 – Cooooookie Crisp!

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After Quaker Oat Crisp I was well and truly ready for something new.  Something exciting, something I had never tried before.  Cookie Crisp is to me what the internet is to my Mum, I only really heard of it last year.  I noticed them on the shelf but they never really managed to pull me away from my old favourites.  Of course this is the joy of the cereal quest, trying new things.  I had assumed that they were essentially going to be like those little bags of McVities Cookies that rich people at school used to have in their lunch box and the rest of us only had in our lunch box when they were on offer in Safeway’s.  I was surprised and impressed about the uniformity of the ‘cookies’ once I had poured them in to the bowl:


They had a surprising gloss to them with sporadically placed chocolate dots, like a cookie.  I thought they would be more biscuitty than cereal but they weren’t.  They were yummy, they were always going to taste good, I have just had an excruciating 6 days of Oat Crisp.  You always imagine what something will taste like before you eat it, and when they are made to look like something, you imagine they will taste like that something (with the exception of Haribo Eggs).  They don’t taste massively like cookies, they are like a weaker flavoured flatter more disc shaped Nesquik cereal with a couple of chocolate dots.  But I can happily say that after day one of Nestle Cookie Crisp I am enjoying them!

Nestle Cookie Crisp Review

The Cereal Quest: Day 53 – Getting Better and Better

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Today I got in to work early so took my cereal (Nestle Cookie Crisp) in with me in my multifunction plastic cereal bowl.  I sat and enjoyed it, more than yesterday.  Yesterday I was too much thinking about why they were not actual cookies to enjoy it.

Much like mushrooms during the 90s these are seemingly an acquired taste and one I am acquiring a lot faster.  They stay crisp for 95% of the bowl!  I’m looking forward to tomorrows already!

The Cereal Quest: Day 54 – Busy Busy Busy

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Today after a lovely Saturday lie in (thank you Mrs B) I got up and grabbed another delicious bowl of Nestle Cookie Crisp.  The timing of them has been great, they really have filled the hole I had made for tasty flavoursome energy boosting cereal.  I knew I had a fairly busy day today so I wondered how much energy they would give me, I set out and looked for a new car (by new I mean old), no problem, still full of energy, went to in laws to watch the Bournemouth score come in (we won), no problem still got energy in spades.  Went to a planning meeting for a festival, no problem I still have energy.  Had my first go at ‘Gangnam Style’ on Just Dance 4 for the Wii.  Feel like death.  I never have been and never will be able to dance, as proved by this. It would appear that tomorrow I will need a bigger bowlful of Cookie Crisp to see me through.  I will report.

The Cereal Quest: Day 55 – Perform a U-Turn When Possible

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Nestle have given me nothing but happiness these past few days with Cookie Crisp.  When I got up this morning I even took a fun macro shot of their cereal:








However after my photography and when putting away the cereal in the top cupboard the box slipped from my hand, the corner of the box was hurtling towards my right eye socket at what at the time seemed like a very dangerous speed, luckily for me I have the reflexes of a cat, and caught it, I looked around like someone in the crowd at the cricket does when they catch a ball regardless of how many pensioners or kids they have shoved out the way to grasp it, no one saw the catch.  It was then I noticed out the corner of my eye.  The following sentence – “This box contains a minimum of 12 servings”.  Oh Nestle, Nestle, Nestle.  You were doing so well.  A lot of things have surprised me this weekend, I saw someone eating fruit strudel out of a small plastic cup, I saw my daughter stand up by herself for the first time, I saw me make a bed, but if someone can get 12 servings of Cookie Crisp large enough for an actual human to eat and keep hunger away until lunch I will be absolutely stunned.  Don’t get me wrong the bowl of cereal I ate was delicious, to quote many a woman, I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed in you.

The Cereal Quest: Day 56 – Good Shift for Cookie Crisp

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In a rare treat today and in a reminiscent act me and a good friend got WWF (don’t tell me its called WWE, it will always be WWF) Royal Rumble on Pay Per View as I saw an advert saying that ‘The Rock’ was back.  I got up and arrived at his at 5am, of course, I arrived at his door with my box of Nestle Cookie Crisp in hand and once my body had woken (2 hours) I sat and enjoyed my breakfast whilst The Rock ‘laid the Smackdown’.  As I sat their eating it my good friend enquired in a tired but inquisitive tone “are you eating cookies for breakfast?”.  I educated him and we moved on, as stated he is a good friend, however clearly has not been following my cereal quest, particularly days 52 to 55.

After a long day at work I was ready for football, I knew I had to see if Cookie Crisp helped my game:


As we picked teams (because we are mostly big kids) I looked around, we were going to get battered, teams were looking fairly tough, to the point that a member of the opposition even said “let us know if and when you want to change the teams”, that was the team talk written for us, if we had of had a changing room or indeed tactics that sentence would have been on the wall.  Incredibly we won the game by a couple of goals, I scored a couple of goals and I went off thinking that Cookie Crisp must be a great pre-match substance.  But it dawned on me, in all honesty it must just be a mixture of natural ability and a great set of team mates.  I’m not sure how much effect Cookie Crisp had but I’m sure it helped the energy levels.

That was my last serving of Nestle Cookie Crisp, to sum up quickly.  I was shocked and surprised that they were not actually cookies, but in hindsight Girl Guide Cookies don’t contain Girl Guides and King Size Mars Bars are not the actual size of a King so maybe I have to stop taking everything so literally.  The taste of Cookie Crisp is a slightly less chocolatey slightly more salty flatter Nesquik cereal.  Would I recommend them?  Yes, I couldn’t have them every day for the rest of my life but as an occasional treat they are delicious.  Here is all you need to know about for my Nestle Cookie Crisp Review:

Cereal Cost:  £2.29.
Real Servings per Box: 6 (not 12 but nice try Nestle)
Cost per Serving: 38p
Pros – Fairly cheap for a sweet treat, fun design, uniform in look, tasty, not scared of milk.
Cons – Not biscuitty, could be more chocolatey.

On a side note I have also discovered that the term ‘cookie crisp’ can be used to describe the following:

“A type of wedgie where you shove a cookie down the back of someone’s underwear and when you pull them up the cookie breaks in half and all the crumbs go down the victim’s underwear”

I do not want this Cookie Crisp, as an occasional treat or otherwise.

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