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The Cereal Quest: Day 57 – Another New Beginning

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This morning was yet another new beginning on my quest.  Today it was time for another ‘Limited Edition’ cereal to try out, it was time for Nestle Coco Orange Shreddies.  I was looking forward to these, I like Shreddies, I like Chocolate, I like Terry’s Chocolate Oranges, so this was bound to be a success. I poured on the milk and sat down to enjoy whilst watching a lady on the local BBC news bulletin tried her best to pretend she was remotely interested in a ‘news’ story about some birds nesting on top of a police station in Winchester.

What was to follow was a mild state of confusion, I ate them, I should have enjoyed them but spent the whole time trying to work out what was wrong.  The flavour was bold, it was intense, it should work, really it should, but for me, at least today, it didn’t.  Perhaps it is the same failing as Froot Loops, citrus and milk doesn’t work, it curdles so the flavours made my tongue confused perhaps.  This is just day one, they may improve but I can’t imagine they will be anything more than ‘limited edition’.  I would imagine when my daughter grows up and I am trying to explain them to her she will look at me blankly in the same way she will look at me when I explain that when I was younger we had an ‘indoor’ TV aerial and if you moved your foot near the TV it screwed up the picture.

On a complete side note, I put my daughter to bed tonight, went downstairs and started washing up.  I found a half opened bottle of Blackcurrant Lucozade in the fridge, I opened it, poured the contents down the sink and half screwed the lid back on ready to put it in the recycling, as I continued to wash up I suddenly heard the fire alarm, I panicked, I was scared, my daughter was upstairs, where on earth was this fire coming from, I ran out the kitchen and leapt over the stair gate to check upstairs, as I got upstairs I could barely hear the alarm.  I came back downstairs and it was loud again, I then realised my alarm didn’t even sound like that, I put my head at a 90 degree angle as I naturally figured that would increase the ability of my ears to try and locate the alarm noise, I was like a Springer Spaniel trying to sniff out a rabbit, except using ears.  I headed back to the kitchen (head still sideways) I found the noise.  It was air escaping from the Lucozade bottle creating an incredibly uncanny alarm noise.  I was furious with it, I hurled it at the bubbly washing up water (because that took my anger out on it) unfortunately that caused a massive splash all over my window.  Lesson learned.

The Cereal Quest: Day 58 – Strange Shreddies Coincidence

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This mornings bowl of Nestle Coco Orange Shreddies was nicer than yesterdays, I think initially they were a shock to the system, a taste explosion, they really are immensely chocolatey.  This morning I realised this, I tried to focus on the chocolate more than the orange, mind over matter and the matter was Coco Orange Shreddies.  One of the things I really like about these is that compared to normal Shreddies they are a lot more hardcore in the milk battle, the extra covering of chocolate creates a barrier and where as the normal Shreddies shrivel up pretty much on impact these battle against the tide heroicly.

When I started the cereal quest one of the things I was looking forward to was analysing whether Shreddies really did “keep hunger locked up til lunch”, this is the sort of test I could analyse perfectly.  Sometimes in life you get things and think “wow what a coincidence!”, maybe you wake up a second before your alarm goes off, maybe a football team only wins when you are at the stadium, that would be a funny coincidence.  Unbelievably it would seem I have a particularly strange minded family, and in an amazing coincidence it would seem that previous to my quest one of my brothers had also tried testing this and had the results.  He had previously written the following to Nestlé:

“Dear Shreddies,

Having carried out some research (spreadsheet below) I have concluded that Shreddies at no point kept hunger ‘locked up til lunch’. I suggest a more suitable slogan would be “Shreddies: Keeps hunger locked up til brunch”.  Although it compared favourably to some cereals, notably Weetos, it didn’t have a patch on others like Tesco’s version of Fruit and Fibre.


Best regards,
Kevin Botto”

He got the following reply:


My immediate thought is probably the same as yours, What does Isabelle Burn? I don’t know what this mini cereal quest of my brother’s says about me and my family, I imagine only complimentary things.

I know what you are thinking and your are right he isn’t going to spoil my fun, he never tested ‘Coco Orange Shreddies’, so in answer to your questions, yesterday 11:15am, today 10:47am.

The Cereal Quest: Day 59 – Missing the Obvious

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I think I have made a mistake with Nestle Coco Orange Shreddies, I am learning to like them.  I didn’t realise this at breakfast, or even soon after breakfast.  I realised it tonight.  I realised it completely by accident.  My sister came round this evening and we went and got fish and chips, she drove and it was the first time I had ever been in the car with her driving, to be honest it might be the last, at one point in a car park she missed a turning and started heading towards the wall of a library, I physically grabbed the steering wheel and started turning it to avoid the fairly large library, she said she can’t talk and drive at the same time (or see apparently).  We got home safely (somehow) and after eating a nice portion of chips I fancied something sweet, I found a giant tube of Smarties (thank you Christmas), I poured some out and of course plunged for the best Smartie, the orange one.  I realised immediately that this was the exact taste of the Coco Orange Shreddies, so why do I love chocolate orange Smarties but not chocolate orange Shreddies?  Simple, the time of day.

I have usually been awake about 5 minutes when I eat them, my mouth, intact all of me is still in a different world (like the man in charge of the music in Pizza Hut yesterday who was pumping out the theme for 90s TV programme Blind Date).  Tomorrow I am going to try and give my body time to feel fresh to see if I enjoy the intense taste more.  Maybe, just maybe it will help.

The Cereal Quest: Day 60 – Long Weekend

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You may or may not have realised that the quest has had two days off.  This is for a couple of reasons.  One reason was that the high wheat/fibre content of the Coco Orange Shreddies had started to effect my body in a particularly negative way, my stomach was getting so tender and temperamental that I was becoming a hazard, the second reason was that I went away for a couple of days with a group of mates to my brothers to stay over.  Todays entry although loosely based is a tale of what can happen if you take two mornings off cereal, its a dangerous game.

It was a great weekend away with the boys, plenty of Pro Evo, nice curry, lost fairly badly at poker, ate an all you can eat breakfast and ordered a take away dessert from Pizza Hut, which was pretty much appreciated by their staff.  On the Saturday after watching Bournemouth beat MK Dons I knew that I had to go back home via a train journey to Haywards Heath to pick up a car I am borrowing from my generous sister in law and then drive on back, I had hoped I would be home in time for some Coco Orange Shreddies and Match of the Day.

I live in relative isolation, our village is fairly small and middle of nowhereish and is about 30 minutes from the nearest train station.  I therefore do not use trains.  I am not afraid to say they scare me, I am nervous of getting on the wrong ones, of changing, finding platforms, knowing what platform to be on and of people who don’t ‘keep to the left’ despite signs.  One of my brothers is pretty handy with trains and he told me how to book tickets, luckily I had a friend willing to metaphorically hold my hand and come with me on the train rather than go with the rest of them back in the car straight home.  I had booked our tickets from Bletchley (near Milton Keynes) to Haywards Heath and had realised that we had to change trains at some point, unfortunately for me that change was at Clapham Junction, which my brother kindly informed me was one of the busiest stations in Europe, worse than that it was in London, which I do not like as people in London walk too fast and grunt at you if you walk at a normal human pace.  So we got on the train at Bletchley and I was absolutely bursting for a wee, the sort of bursting where your face creases up and scares passers by.  My brother informed me that trains have toilets (what a world we live in!) so I hopped in, when I came to wash my hands I put plenty of hand wash on my hands, stuck my hands under the ‘water’ tap and nothing happened, no water, no matter what I tried, no water.  Which left me with very liquid soapy hands, I pulled enough toilet paper out of the dispenser to last a small family a week and scrubbed as much off as I could, it was a mess.  I came back to our table which consisted of my brother, my friend and a girl we didn’t know, I warned all 3 about the soap situation whilst illustrating the problem by pointing out the bits in-between my fingers that I had missed with the tissue.

So with concentrated hand wash pouring out of my fingers we arrived at Clapham Junction, it was busy, very busy.  Luckily my brother had told us what platform to go on for our train to Haywards Heath, when it arrived everyone seemed to go right so I figured there will be more seats to the left, and there was, almost a little carriage of its own just one lady who on first impressions I pre-judged to be a drunk tramp.  We sat down and 3 very posh looking people came in who had just “been to the rugga!”, one of them said “only George here has got a ticket for first class, lets hope we don’t get caught!”.  Which confused me a little until I saw blazoned on all the headrests “First Class”, I assumed that it was fine to sit there unless there were people with first class tickets who needed a seat and thought nothing else of it  What followed was an amazing set of deep conversations with people I had pre-judged terribly, the ‘drunk tramp’ was a bit drunk, a little bit but she had been travelling back from helping her Mum look after her Dad who had had 5 heart attacks a couple of weeks back, she talked so much sense and was so inspirational.  Posh George was posh, I got that right, he even offered me Sloe Gin out of a leather hip flask.  I had never really chatted with someone who was ‘posh’ and this man was so down to earth and had so much in common with the ‘drunk tramp’ despite being very opposite in how much money and ‘success’ they had they were both had human issues they wanted to discuss.  It was a real eye opening situation and a great chat, when we were leaving the train I saw a sign saying that sitting in First Class without a First Class ticket can result in a fine up to £1000.  Why on earth did no one in First Class tell me this, how was I meant to know! Did George not realise that I needed to buy a car and spending £1000 on a fine for sitting in a posh seat for half an hour would be detrimental to the purchasing of said car?  They put the sign on the outside of the ‘first class’ section so I wouldn’t have known.  When we arrived at Haywards Heath we left the station and waited to be picked up, it appeared we had left the station the wrong side so I stopped a man to ask him.  Unfortunately the question wanted to ask “excuse me are you local, do you know if there is car park to this station?” came out wrong, I said; “Excuse me, do you have a house around here?”  I continued whilst panicking (probably brought on by our illegal stay in first class) “not that I want to go there with you, I just want to know if you have a car park.”  The man slightly confused said he didn’t live near there but did think that there was a car park.  Eventually we found it and got picked up and headed home, unfortunately by the time we got back it was way too late to fulfil my cereal quota for the day but I was ready for them in the morning.

I sat down for what was my last bowl of Nestle Coco Orange Shreddies, they were delightful, so full of flavour, so cereally, so chocolately so yummy and friendly. I hope one day we will meet again, here are Nestle Coco Orange Shreddies review stats:

Cereal Cost:  £2.29.
Real Servings per Box: 4
Cost per Serving: 57.45
Pros – Bold and full of flavour, stand up well to milk.
Cons – Very expensive per serving and take a day or two to get used to.

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