Nestlé Fitnesse

When one door closes another door opens, and the door opening was Nestle Fitnesse, which claims will give you a delicious treat and a smile in the morning:


Witness the fitnesse.  These are essentially Nestle’s attempt at Kelloggs Special K.  They are in an absolutely tiny box, not much bigger than my head so won’t take long to get through.  I had some for lunch, they tasted like you had stuck a bran flake to a corn flake and added a few rice krispies, but a bit creamier.  They were really nice and crunchy and have bought some cereal normality back in to my life.  I look forward to another bowl tomorrow!

The Cereal Quest: Day 85 – Nestle Fitnesse, Only in the UK

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I sat down for breakfast the morning and remembered the photo I had taken yesterday.  I had seen that Nestlé Fitnesse suggests a 14 day program fitness challenge to get healthy and trim in 14 days (I should point out that this cereal is heavily marketed towards women), I have my doubts a box of cereal this size is going to last 14 days but I have took a ‘before’ photo to compare how I looked before the cereal and will take an ‘after’ photo after, I should say, before you judge me, as a busy father I don’t have enough time to visit the gym:


I enjoyed my Nestle Fitnesse again today, it tasted more rice krispie-ish than yesterdays serving, you get quite a crunch to these as they are thicker than normal ‘flake’ cereals and can withstand the milk pressure a lot better.  Tonight I was walking through town enjoying munching on a pickled egg, I thought to myself, surely this would only be seen in the UK, which is interesting as Nestle Fitnesse is only spelt ‘fitnesse’ in the UK, in other countries it is spelt ‘fitness’.  Interesting fact for you there.  Please feel feel free to keep that fact for when a conversation has slowed and needs to be spiced up again with a clever bit of knowledge.

I would also like to publicly say to Apple to stop wasting their time sending me emails saying “Surprise your Mum with an iPad”, I love her to bits but she can’t even use a remote control.  It would be as appreciated as buying a cat as a gift for your pet mouse.


The Cereal Quest: Day 86 – Nestle Fitnesse Fit-nished!

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Today as I started waking up I moved my head to the left to see if Holly was awake and realised I had put my left cheek in to a puddle of my own dribble.  I then did that thing people do when that happens where you panic, jolt your head up, make a slurping noise, wipe your face with the inside of your wrist and look around the room to see if anyone had realised you had dribbled on your pillow even though your an adult.  For various reasons I was glad no one else was in our room to see this and in fact Holly was asleep but I want to just say here and now that I think that dribbling as an adult is a perfectly fine thing to happen and I will go as far as saying that for any married couple it is actually a good thing as it keeps people on their own side of the bed and should they venture too close they quickly move back once they lie in their husbands/wifes dribble.  Once my wife woke up however I completed Random Act of Kindness number 23, just in case she had ventured my way during the night (and because I love her) I gave her a hug.  After ‘dribble-gate’ I got up, went downstairs and poured out a bowl of Nestle Fitnesse.  Sadly this was to be the last serving, just 3 servings per box is fairly disappointing.  I will give the Nestle Fitnesse time to work and tomorrow will access if I am looking trimmer or smiling as much as the lady on the back of the box is.

Here are the Nestle Fitnesse Review vital statistics:

Cereal Cost:  £1.99
Real Servings per Box: 3
Cost per Serving: 66p
Pros – Tastes OK, crunchy in milk.  Good texture.
Cons – 3 servings in a box that it is suggested their are 10 servings in! Not too exciting

Tomorrow I start everyone’s classic favourite cereal!

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