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The Cereal Quest: Day 87 – I’d Rather Have 3 Bowls of Coco Pops!

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So today was the day that brought excitement back to my cereal, after a few rough days of All Bran Golden Crunch and Nestle Fitnesse.  I had finished the Nestle Fitnesse fitness challenge, I will let you decide but I’m not sure it made much difference to my figure, the only difference I see is that the bed is tidier, and I am confident that is not because of Nestle Fitnesse:


Today I started what is pretty much every childs favourite cereal, Kellogg’s Coco Pops.  I was excited about breakfast and got a nice bowlful in whilst catching up on Match of the Day 2 from last night showing highlights of a game I had already seen live on Sky but I wanted to hear other peoples opinions of the game, this confuses my wife but I think its a man thing, it’s one thing hearing from Jamie Redknapp but what did Alan Hansen think of it?  It seemed crucial to find out. The bowl of Coco Pops were great, within moments my milk had turned chocolatey but unlike other smaller bitted cereals these stayed pretty crunchy the whole way through.  They were lovely and sweet with their own distinctive Kellogg’s chocolately taste which is very different to the ‘smack you in the face’ chocolately flavour I had when I tried Nestle Coco Orange Shreddies.  After my bowl it was off to work and I put the box in the car so I could have some for lunch, I put the seat belt round it and clipped it in, ready for the journey in the knowledge that they had a belt and if necessary an airbag to protect them. Work was crazy busy today so I didn’t take my lunch until about 3:00pm, they were worth the wait and a good kick of energy that was much needed on any Monday.  I was full of sugar and continued working on, before I left for home I again belted them safely in to my car.  I had to stop for petrol as I was nearly out, when fuelling I noticed a sign a saying if I bought 2 bottles of Coke I could get 5p off a litre, this is a clever sign at to have near the pumps because you spend ages in your head working out if the saving is more than the cost of the 2 bottles of Coke, it wasn’t so I decided against it.  But by this point I had put £40 of petrol in my car when only planning on putting in £30.  BP’s stupid sign distracted me, they win.  As I went in to the shop I was queuing (which rather impressively is a word I can spell) and was stood behind a lady minding her own business when I saw the shelf nearest me was advertising the Coke deal, the shelf was empty, a lot of people had gone for this deal, I stood thinking maybe I had done the sums wrong, all this thought yet again distracted me and then the lady in front of me bent backwards nearer me to reach for some ‘freshly made’ flapjacks, all of a sudden and completely unexpected with her head uncomfortably near mine I did what was the mother of all hiccups, the sort of hiccup that, if my wife had been with me, she may have told me off for, I saw people turn to look at me, all people except this lady.  It was very awkward but hiccups are natural, I figured once she had realised I had the hiccups she wouldn’t worry about why I had just made a massive noise in her ear, I stood there waiting for the next hiccup to come whilst she moved her head away from near mine, this hiccup will confirm her suspicions that it was just an innocent hiccup in her ear rather than someone being confrontational, I waited a bit more then realised there was no hiccup to be found, I then tried urging my body to hiccup, willing it, praying that another came, it didn’t.  Should I fake a hiccup or would that backfire?  I did what I thought was best and tried to force a hiccup through gulping a lot and opening my mouth which made me look like one of those fish on that magnetic fishing game you get on your 6th birthday, then I bought up a little bit of sick whilst trying to force out a hiccup, the sick was a bit chocolatey, not surprising when I had only eaten Coco Pops all day.  I stared at the floor and didn’t make eye contact with the lady again, nor the lady serving on the til, nor anyone on the forecourt whilst returning back to my car, embarrassed I drove home wondering what that woman must think of me, and wondering why my body only hiccuped once?  Why would it do that?!? Was it because of Coco Pops?  I will monitor any hiccups I have during this box. When I got back I poured yet another bowl of Coco Pops and sat to eat them (I had football tonight so 3 bowls of cereal for me today), my daughter was very interested to see what was going on, I gave her a tiny few of mine and she crawled off, then you could see she realised how nice they were so she came back to me, pulled herself to standing she promptly, kissed my knee, cuddled my leg, said “lub byou” (love you in 20 month old talk) and said “meeeese” which is her version of please, how could I resist her gorgeous little face, she had about 10 more little spoons of it, Coco Pops really is a kids favourite.

The Cereal Quest: Day 88 – Irrational Disgust

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When I awoke this morning I had some messages on my phone from friends, as I browsed through them one caught my eye and filled me with what I would describe as ‘irrational disgust’ and made me make the sort of face music fans make when they ask someone what their favourite Beatles album is and someone replies saying “their greatest hits”.  It was a man who I have an incredible respect for BUT he said he and his wife weigh out their cereal in to 30g servings each morning!  Madness.  He was not even joking or winding me up.  I am very confused, surely if they weigh out every morning they would get to know what 30g of cereal looks like, thus rendering the weighing process pointless? However,  he is a true gentleman and a wonderful man but he is from Norfolk, a bizarre place where there are a lot of strange goings on so nothing surprises me.  After this I got up and had another bowl of Coco Pops, delicious as ever, they were promptly followed by yet another bowl at lunch which meant my last 5 meals had been Coco Pops, I was going to aim for number 6 tonight but the temptation of my homemade lasagne got too much and my body was craving something savoury.  Lets hope the next few days aren’t effected by prolonged cereal consumption.

The Cereal Quest: Day 89 – Eeeeyyyyyyy!

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Another morning and another bowl of chocolate covered Rice Krispies or Coco Pops if you want their real name, they were good and I am still amazed that they stay so crispy in the face of so much milk, one thing I have noticed that is odd is that there is never much milk left at the bottom, I must put in more milk tomorrow.

As I was leaving for work (with my box of Coco Pops in hand) my daughter was in our en suite bathroom (no we are not millionaires, the previous owner just converted a big wardrobe) she was with my wife who was brushing her teeth when she said “Daddy!”, my wife said “yes, he is in his car”, my daughter replied excitedly “Daddy!”, my wife asked “where is Daddy?” and then my daughter whilst saying “Daddy!” again pointed towards the wall, my wife looked where she was pointing to see my vintage 80′s ‘Fonzie’ mirror, its like a normal mirror but with a silhouette style layer over the top showing The Fonz, this is brilliant, my daughter thinks I look as cool as The Fonz,  My daughter is so clever for someone of such a young age.

At work I was full of beans, or at least small bean shaped chocolate covered toasted rice cereal, I worked hard all morning and earnt my lunchtime treat of yet another bowl of Coco Pops, it was just what I needed, served with a cup of tea which was kindly made for me, just perfect.  Coco Pops rarely let you down.  Sadly I think I have about 1 serving left so soon I won’t have them again until after the cereal quest.  This mades my eyes sad.

The Cereal Quest: Day 90 – Post Coco Pops Dread

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This morning saw the last bowl of Coco Pops I will be having for quite some time, there was an incredibly sweet chocolatey dust at the bottom of the bag which tasted amazing, it topped off what has been a great few days of flavoursome, sweet, chocolatey joy.  I don’t think Coco Pops are my favourite cereal so far but they are brilliantly tasty.  I couldn’t have them for ever but they have come at a great time in my quest following 2 boxes of dullness.

Here are Coco Pops review vital statistics:

Cereal Cost:  £2.68.
Real Servings per Box: 8
Cost per Serving: 33.5p
Pros – A sweet childishly tasty breakfast cereal, great flavour, stay crispy.
Cons – Barely anything, I suppose I couldn’t eat them every day of my life.


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