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The Cereal Quest: Day 120 – One of My Favourite Captains…

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If you are anything like me you will have a favourite, top 3 ‘captains’.  My top 3 are probably Captain Morgan, Captain Birdseye and todays subject, Captain Rik, the small ginger freckly boy who flies around with a jet pack on his back bringing us these:


In a nut shell Ricicles are Kellogg’s Rice Krispies coated (or as they say ‘frosted’) with sugar.  It makes for a very crispy and sweet taste, a taste that can’t be made at home by sprinkling sugar on Rice Krispies because the sugar doesn’t distribute and coat evenly.  Kellogg’s quickly realised this and acted on it.  The reason Captain Rik appears in my top 3 captains isn’t because despite his gingerness and freckles he has made something of his life, it isn’t because of his smile, it isn’t because of gloves that make him look like he should be working in a factory manufacturing beauty products using lots of chemicals, the reason he is in my top 3 is because he is a ‘deceptive rebel’, you may not spot his rebellious side straight away but have a look again and you will notice that despite probably being warned before taking off of the lack of oxygen in space (this is an assumption and not fact) he has chosen to fly off with a helmet that barely covers his face, and importantly his two main breathing tools (mouth and nose).  Not only is he rebellious but he makes great cereal.  This stuff tastes beautiful, it is perfectly sweet, not too sweet, but perfectly sweet, my daughter got her hands in the box and tried some, she loved the stuff.  Day 1 has gone very well.  On a side note today I spotted something I had incredible, something I had never seen before, driving home through the countryside I saw a rabbit on the side of the road.  You might rightly be thinking that a rabbit on the side of the road is ‘common’ rather than ‘incredible’ and you would be right, except this rabbit was black, like a pet rabbit, not fawny like a wild rabbit, I have never seen this, maybe I was dreaming but I was so sure I saw it.  I hope this isn’t like the double yolker incident but I will speak to work colleagues about this tomorrow with much excitement!

The Cereal Quest: Day 121 – Names that Sound Like Occupations

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It’s been a while since I have really been looking forward to a cereal in the morning but this morning I was really looking forward to my bowl of Kellogg’s Ricicles.  They didn’t disappoint, I poured on the milk and listened to them singing to me like their cousins Snap, Crackle and Pop, I then devoured them and headed off to work with them safely belted in to the passenger seat in my car.  I got to work still buzzing off the sugar high, I sat my colleagues down to give them the exciting news about the sighting of a black rabbit yesterday, there seemed to be a bit of an anti-climatical feel to the office after my exciting news, not much was said and I didn’t see or hear much excitement, in fact the only comments I heard were from Adam who said “maybe you have seen them but it has been dark”, this just sent bubbles floating around my head wondering if I had imagined it, and even if I had why people were not excited.  I continued my day until lunch time when I sat down for another sugar coated bowl of ricey treats, they were great and gave me the energy to continue on my day.  However, they did come at a cost.  Yesterday’s bowl was consumed at work and the bowl from yesterday was still left on my desk, I went to wash it up to make it what I believe to be called ‘camping clean’, I washed the bowl using just luke warm water and my hands, whilst sweeping any dried on bits of Ricicle from the bowl I caught my finger on a hardened bit of Ricicle and cut it open, there was actual human blood coming out of my finger.  My finger had lost in a fight with a Ricicle.  I wondered if my blood might now be infected by Ricicles.  When I was younger and had just left school I applied for absolutely tons of jobs, most of which I had no idea about, I just wanted a job, I never ended up laying bricks, being a dental receptionist or doing the job I thought I was destined for, a phlebotomist, a job I had never heard of until I applied for it but essentially meant taking peoples blood at the doctors and analysing it (which would have been handy after this Ricicle fight).  When a job sounds like your name when said fast I figured it must have been created for me, my name was and still is Phil Botto, the way I pronounced the job I was applying for was a ‘Philbottomist’, this was meant to be.  I didn’tt get the job, I am squeamish so its probably best but it did make me think on the way home today, who else has a name that sounds like an occupation?  Not someone who’s surname is ‘Baker’ or ‘Butcher’ but someone who’s full name sounds like a job, like if some one was called ‘Archie Ologist’.  I was briefly distracted by yet another sighting of the black rabbit but still didn’t manage to think of anyone for the whole 40 minute journey.

I know you are trying to think of one, I can tell.

The Cereal Quest: Day 122 – Triple Ricicles

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After getting up early this morning and popping to my mates to watch some WWF (WWE but in my head always WWF) this morning I sat down at his to enjoy my bowl of Kellogg’s Ricicles whilst watching men in tight pants and knee pads do battle theatrically.  The cereal was the perfect sweet but balanced accompaniment.  I was perusing the box of Ricicles this morning and saw they are offering a free ADULT ticket to various attractions if you buy a full price childs ticket, yet another reason to buy this yummy treat.  The time came to head off to work and I worked throughout the morning craving my next bowl of Kellogg’s Ricicles at lunch, I poured out the bowl tucked in and started munching on it, hoping it would give me strength to make one of the hardest phone calls of my life, a call I didn’t want to make and a call I knew the person on the other end of the phone wouldn’t want to receive either.  It would sadden both me and them in almost equal measure (but probably sadden me more), I plucked up the courage, shaking as I picked up the handset, I dialed the long number and after a few more button presses muttered a very hard sentence to mutter; “Hi, I would like to cancel my Sky Sports package please”.

I’m sure there are moments in any mans life where they realise they are growing up and becoming more mature and ‘sensible’, today I took one for the team (the team being my family) due to a new boiler we now have hot running water but no more sport.  I will have to find a new hobby, like analysing breakfast cereals.

By 3.24pm I was already hungry again, these are a delicious cereal but really don’t keep you full up for long.  I had my 3rd sweet sweet portion of the day and picked up the bowl pouring the now sugary milk in to my mouth.  It was delicious.

Oh very exciting news, on April 30th I am doing a talk based on this very cereal quest, its a free fun night happening in the After hours Forest Edge Cafe in Alderholt at 7.30pm.  Feel free to come along, there will be cake, and cereal.

The Cereal Quest: Day 123 – Meeting My Sugary Ricicles End

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Today I woke up thinking I only had one serving left of Kellogg’s Ricicles before I start on what will be a mundane ‘health’ cereal.  To my delight I found that there were two servings left, the perfect breakfast and lunch.  My daughter loves the Ricicles box, she loves Captain Rik, she stared and pointed for ages making excitable noises until I gave her her Shreddies and she quickly focussed on gobbling them down.  I flamboyantly poured the Ricicles in to my bowl, starting low, peaking at about 40cm from bowl then lowering again to finish with finesse, in the same way TV chefs add their liquid ingredients in to recipes.  The Ricicles didn’t taste and different but why would I want them to?  They are perfect little shards of joy, despite wounding my finger (which I managed to get malt vinegar in to last night) I have nothing but good to say about Kellogg’s Ricicles.  At lunch time I asked my boss (who was going to Tesco’s) to collect me my next cereal, I can exclusively reveal that I am going to be eating a very boring, dull, dangerous and what is worse, expensive cereal tomorrow.  Whilst he went out I ate my last bowl of Ricicles, every last little bit of rice, drank up all the milk, licked my lips and said “mmmmmmmm yummy”.  Kellogg’s spend a lot of time these days marketing monkeys, tigers and even 3 young chefs and favouring these over the small little ginger, freckly boy with a jet pack but I think that is because Ricicles shouldn’t need marketing, they are a delight, word of mouth alone should drive their sales.  I hope people reading this go out and buy some, they are a treasure, thank you Captain Rik.

Here are my Kellogg’s Ricicles vital statistics:

Cereal Cost: £2.79
Real Servings per Box: 7
Cost per Serving: 39.8p
Pros – Taste amazing, quite a few servings in the box, fun to eat.
Cons – Cut my finger, don’t keep hunger away for long.

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