Happy Birthday to The Cereal Quest!

It feels fairly unbelievable that this Cereal Quest has been going for a year, I celebrated in appropriate fashion;

Happy Birthday

The quest has been topsy turvy so far, I have pushed boundaries particularly oat ones in ways someone with IBS never should.  I have put my body on the line, I have collapsed twice and spent over a week on the toilet.  So far on The Cereal Quest I have had 70 different cereals, today I finished my 70th, Ready Brek Chocolate, in short it is another poor attempt from a cereal manufacturer to encourage kids to eat a healthy cereal by calling it chocolate when in truth it is has minimal chocolate flavouring, the chocolate flavour is like your ring finger, you know it’s there but in truth it serves little or no purpose.  I woke up in a celebratory mood, how would I spend the big day?  At work.  I got there hoping maybe someone would have put on a surprise party, I was wrong, Max the over zealous Springer Spaniel licked my kneecaps, great.  Work was fine and I popped to Tesco’s, I needed a new cereal to start tomorrow.  The problem I now have is that I have massive memory issues, you can ask my wife, whatever her name is.  The cereal selection process is taking me longer than ever before, I stand there browsing the shelves for a cereal I haven’t had before but I just can’t remember, I have picked up many a cereal box only to place it back on the shelf after remembering I have already had it.  All the normal customers just walk up, pluck something from the shelves and walk off, their lives are so simple.  I have now had to start searching this website on my phone whilst perusing the shelves, today I hadn’t realised how long I had been scrolling up and down the list of cereals so far, I hadn’t responded to the polite “Ahem..” from the lady behind hoping this hint would make me move, the other side of the aisle had been blocked off by a huge bizarrely placed display of Ambrosia Devon Custard, I would estimate there were 500 tins of custard and one puzzled looking buffoon was blocking this womans way to the corn flakes she was after.  So she did as any other middle aged woman would have done, she nudged my left buttock with the rolled front edge of her shopping trolley, subtle, I felt it, but I was in a daze, my focus was purely on cereal selection.  By the time I had turned around with my ‘sorry I was just seeing what cereals I have eaten over the last year’ face on she had already pulled back and started on the next more forceful nudge, this time into my right thigh as I turned.  Now I didn’t know what face to pull, I was preparing an apologetic face but now I needed to switch to a face that said ‘stop ramming that trolley in to me’ but also at the same time look a bit apologetic, I failed, I just looked grumpy, I stepped back, tripped over 500 cans of custard and let her walk past with an exaggerated arm indication (as if directing traffic).  She then made a “hmmmph!” noise and we both got on with our lives.  I found a cereal to start tomorrow, it will be a sign of how far I have come since the quest started.  Now when I started this quest I wanted it to be educational, I wanted to help people see advantages and disadvantages of cereal so here are a few helpful tips for you.

Fancy collapsing, smacking your head on a sink on the way down and spending the next 8 days in bed over Christmas?  Knock yourself out, try Jordan’s Country Crisp with Raspberries.

Want to scare an elderly woman in to thinking you are mugging her? You want Kellogg’s Krave Chocolate Caramel.

Want to impress your child/children? Try Kellogg’s Ricicles.

Looking to conceive a child? You want Kellogg’s Coco Pops Coco Rocks.

Need terrible serving suggestion advice? But also want to receive great news and happiness? Go for Weetabix Ready Brek.

Thinking of announcing your retirement from International football?  You need Kellogg’s Special K with Strawberries and Chocolate.

Want to upset lovely friendly people and get a long term knee injury all in the same weekend?  Grab some Honey Monster Choco Wows.

If you want to get scammed by a cereal claiming it will help you lose weight yet has more fat, sugar and calories than really unhealthy cereals get some Special K, any variety.

Finally a big thank you to Mrs B who has endured hour upon hour of hearing me tap away on this keyboard, she is awesome.


The Cereal Quest: Day 240 – Kellogg’s Multi Grain Shapes Review

I always love the excitement of a new cereal, the thrill of something new, the enchantment of mystery and what treasures may lie within.  Today brought great excitement:











Look carefully and then imagine my glee when I saw that there was something in the pack, some sort of prize, some sort of treat, something that, had I been 10, I would have reached my filthy 10 year old hands in to the bag and grabbed.  I am a lot more mature now and will await the excitement of it simply falling out, much in the same way as we didn’t find out the sex of our baby, again we will just waited until it fell out.  I used to love the rare occasions as a child when we had a cereal that had gifts/toys in and it was like winning a prize, we would all argue over who would get it, multiple hands in the cereal, fights breaking out, cereal all over the kitchen floor, complete mayhem, all for ‘Spokey Dokeys’.  Unfortunately due to people moaning about possible choking hazards or some other non realistic problem there are no spokey dokeys or toys but inside the clear pouch of delight hidden amongst the cereal there are some ‘discovery cards’.  Exciting.  Anyway on I went to pour my cereal, no discovery cards fell out today just a whole bowl full of what must be one of the dullest cereals I am likely to meet along the way on this quest.  My goodness they have zero flavour, they have the texture of foam packaging beads and the taste.  I worked my way through the bowl eating slightly milk wetted foam packaging type cereal, surely the milk left at the end would save the cereal, surely it would be its saving grace?  No the milk ended up tasting the same as did when it went in the bowl.  It was not good, unless of course I had wanted a glass of milk.  Tomorrow I will hunt for some sort of flavour, but I just don’t know if I will find any.  The dullness was not all I would take from the Kellogg’s Multi Grain Shapes, they made me very self-concious, those who know me will know that I really don’t care that much about my appearance but when I looked in the mirror this morning I was fed up with my hair, so much so I went to a barbers for the 2nd time this year.  I Googled the nearest barbers to my work and went in my lunch break, I was dubious as the barber had no hair which immediately worried me but I persisted, he asked me what I wanted and I said “don’t mind, something like grade 3 or 4 on the back and sides, bit longer on the top maybe?”.  He just stared at me then said firmly “3 or 4, which one?”, I said he could choose, he tutted and then cut it, it turns out he was a really nice bloke and didn’t do a bad job.  However he did that awkward thing at the end of the haircut when he held a mirror behind my head and looked at me for some sort of reaction, please can I say now once and for all to all barbers/hairdressers….I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU WANT?!?  I don’t understand.  Why do you hold it there and look at me for a reaction, every time I just sit there, with a confused expression, and say “Yep.” in an enthusiastic way whilst nodding my mirrored head, I don’t know what the question is you are asking me with the mirror but I am saying “Yep” for no reason other than to confirm it is my head in the mirror.

The Cereal Quest: Day 182 – 3 Bowls and A New Contender!

Today was a fun day, when I woke up me and my wife spent about 20 minutes reminiscing about stalls we used to have at our schools when we were younger, this was not only because we are cool, but because we were going to our local village school fete today.

So after our fun chat we went down for breakfast, another bowl of Monster Cereal, the box of which had now begun to catch my daughters eye.  She liked even though she wasn’t born when Monsters Inc. came out.  Toddlers are clever.  She illustrated her cleverness by tricking me in to thinking she actually wanted to spend some quality time sat next to me when in fact she wanted some of my cereal, cereal that had been enhanced by some amazing Channel Island Milk from the milkman.  We then went out to the school fete with my wifes good friend and her extremely cute little boy, we had a great time and a delicious burger.  When we got back to our house Holly’s friend had to go and we did something I have not done for years, as they drove off we stood outside the front of our house waving until they had finally gone round the corner out of sight, I’m pretty sure this is what most people do when visiting grandparents, good times.

I hadn’t been properly filled up by the burger (although it was delicious) so I had my final bowl of Monster Cereal, again with Channel Island milk, it was a good bowl although I did cut my gum on one of the crunchy curls, sad to leave the cereal on a downer but the cereal has generally been enjoyable, in brief analysis I would compare it too birthday cards, they are nice but you could probably go through life without them and still be OK.

Here is my review for Monster Cereal vital statistics:

Cereal Cost: £2.00
Real Servings per Box: 6
Cost per Serving: 33.3p
Pros – Create a joyful chocolatey milk.
Cons – Need a bit more oomph, can cut your gums and cripple your colon.

Ordinarily 3 bowls of cereal on a Saturday would be an outrageous suggestion but today it seemed like a good idea, I had not had time to make dinner as (continuing my recent manliness following changing spark plugs) I was fitting a child bike seat to the back of my car, I cut my hand but it pretty much didn’t hurt at all, manly.  This meant a new cereal was to be enjoyed for dinner and that new cereal was Alpen Raspberry and Apple Muesli:


Now I don’t want to excite anyone but I genuinely think we might have a contender, Ricicles could have a battle on their hands.  These are mouthwateringly enjoyable, which for a cereal with such a high fibre and oat content is perplexing.  The addition of apple and raspberry to an already classic cereal is perfection.  It is all about texture, each spoonful provides crunchy nuts, soft oats and juicy fruit, they are blissful.  I hope that I am not foolishly approaching this and I shouldn’t get my hopes up but these could be THE cereal of the quest, at the moment I can only ever imagine them having a positive effect on my life, but I thought the same about the weights bench I bought that is now blocking access to the back of my garage and being used to pile tools on top of.  These could be great, time will tell but I think we could have an exciting few days ahead.

The Cereal Quest: Day 164 – Day 173 – Weetabix with Chocolate

Well the more observant of you will have noticed a complete lack of updates for a week or so.  It has been hectic and to be honest 9 days of yapping about Weetabix with Chocolate would be enough to kill anyone off so I figured I would do a bumper edition which (just to whet your appetite) includes a song written and performed by yours truly, a letter to Weetabix and disappointment as well as an observation about cows.  If that doesn’t tempt you to read on I don’t know what will.

So for those of you (like me) who don’t (didn’t) know, Weetabix with Chocolate is normal Weetabix but with Chocolate Chips sporadically positioned in, on and around the Weetabix.  The more foolish of you might think “Great, that sounds tasty”, you would be wrong.  Weetabix with Chocolate is fundamentally floored, for starters it is a lot worse than standard Weetabix when it comes to strength, they have broken in to tiny fragments long before their journey to the bowl has been completed, this effects them in two ways, for starters it just looks rubbish, but most importantly is the frustrating daily occurence of the following process: Put 1 and 5/8ths Weetabix in the bowl – pour on milk – put milk back in fridge – turn to bowl in disbelief, where on earth has all the milk gone?!?  This is frustrating, the problem is caused by all the shards and broken bits of Weetabix, it makes the rest of the bowl a complete soggy mess.  This is long before I have even got to picking up the bowl to consume the Weetabix.  Another big problem with these is that I am a purist, I am a fan of Weetabix, but to me having Weetabix with Chocolate is like growing potatoes with cheese already in them, actually scrap that, that would be brilliant.  It is like an artist buying a canvas that some toddler has already defaced with wax crayons (although in the art world these days that would probably be worth millions and described as a ‘classic’).  To top it all, the chocolate chips in Weetabix with Chocolate are not very nice.  Clearly an attempt to get kids eating ‘healthier cereal’ by bribing them with chocolate the chocolate has not been well thought out, serving after serving over the last 9 days I have dreaded this cereal, if anything sums it up the fact my work collegues banned me from bringing it in as it smelt so horrible shows what people think of it.  I was frustrated and annoyed at Weetabix for defacing a classic breakfast cereal, so in the space of 10 minutes I sat down in my car in the baking hot sun with my ukulele and made up a song to explain my feelings, it has a remarkably catchy chorus but unfortunately I was against a clock, and the clock was how much sweat could my car seat absorb off my back before my car was to be deemed a write off so I bodged the video together terribly, didn’t even double check it and wrote Weetabix the following letter:


I am writing this letter to you today as I am currently on a cereal quest, to try every breakfast cereal in the UK box by box, I have had a few of yours so far and they have in the main been very good so thank you.
I am currently on Weetabix Chocolate which I must say I am struggling with somewhat, I thought I would list my issues in an email but instead have decided that as I had my ukulele in my car I would cobble a quick song together for you which explains my problems I have had with Weetabix Chocolate.
You can see the song here: 

I am not a singer, or a good ukulele player but I thought the ‘catchy’ (not my words….OK, my words) chorus might emphasise my point.
However as they say, you don’t want problems – you want solutions.  This is where I am happy to help.  I have devised a plan/designed a tool that will sort the issues I am having of removal/breakages of the precious Weetabix, I have attached 2 pictures of my drawings, sorry but I only had a permanent marker so it may look basic but the design is in fact really good.  Please don’t be alarmed that one of the drawings makes it look like a feminine hygiene product (my collegue pointed this out), I can assure you the prototype (of which I would be happy to help you make) will not look anything like one.
photo1 (6)
photo1 (7)
Please do let me know what you think and also if you have any more products coming out soon.  Please also feel free to let me know what your current complete cereal range is as I enjoy your work a lot more than the likes of Jordans currently!
Many thanks,
Phil Botto”
I eagerly await their reply, still.  As soon as I get it I will let you know what they think.
Whilst I am awaiting their reply please if anyone knows can you let me know if cows drink?  I am starting to worry about cows?  I was driving home in the heat the other day and saw some cows looking hot and realised I have never seen a cow drink, someone should tell farmers.
Anyway here are the vital statistics for Weetabix with Chocolate:
Cereal Cost: £2.69
Real Servings per Box: 9
Cost per Serving: 29.8p
Pros – Cheap.
Cons – Defacing a classic, like someone taking a marker pen to the Mona Lisa to make it smile more.

The Cereal Quest: Day 146 – Beauty of a Golden Bank Holiday!

So this morning my amazing daughter gave us the perfect bank holiday gift, a lie in, until 8.30am, 8.30! Can you even imagine that, 8.30!  I’m going to type it one more time to get it out my system, 8.30!  I desperately needed a lie in and was so grateful to her for enabling one.  This also meant my mouth had not been abruptly woken up, it had woke up naturally and therefore was ready to have a delicious serving of Golden Grahams, they were good but the problem I am finding is that as I eat them I am imagining they are Curiously Cinnamon, I am wishing them to have a cinnamon coating but alas they haven’t.  I poured the milk in the bowl before the Golden Grahams today this helped massively with sogginess issues!  After breakfast we set out to go shopping and grab a bite to eat courtesy of a Nando’s voucher from Uncle Mike (thank you kind sir).  But before we stepped out the door I had to take on a task more terrifying, more tricky, more complicated than any exam, any mathematical problem, anything NASA have ever had to figure out, I had the impossible task of……putting suncream on a 23 month child.  Somehow, somehow I managed to do it. I would say completing the task was definitely in my top 10 things I have achieved in my life, along with the likes of being World Crazy Golf Personality of the Year in 2009 and my slug deterrent salt maze of 2012.  Eventually we headed out and had a great day, my daughter was simply incredible today, she was so cheerful, cheeky, cute and happy.  Sometimes having children is incredibly tough if they are up all night being sick or crying etc, but days like today make it all worth while.  Happy Bank Holiday people!

The Cereal Quest: Day 144 – Golden Wonder!

Today I started a new cereal, they are the cousin of the already ‘quested’ Curiously Cinnamon, they are of course Golden Grahams.  Golden Grahams look similar to Curiously Cinnamon, they are square tiles but this time instead of being sprinkled with cinnamon they are sprinkled with brown sugar which creates a richly sweet taste, occasionally tastes a bit like burnt sugar but in a good way.  Perhaps that makes sense to you, let me assure you it makes sense to me.  I haven’t had these for a good ten years but it was one of those tastes that you instantly re-familiarise (possibly not an actual word) with, like when you hear a song for the first time in ages but still remember the words.  After eating them I put on an impressive puppet show for my daughter and then we went out for a barbecue, which was delightful, thank you to the hosts, great food, great chat and getting attacked by a 4 year old, happy days.  The true test for todays serving of Golden Grahams was whether they would help give me the energy to tackle a job that has needed to be done for the last year.  At the back of our garden is a gate, that gate leads down a path behind the 3 houses next to us and provides access to our garden without needing to drag dirt and grass etc through the house.  For the past 18 months it has been full of brambles, big sharp brambles, some were massive.  The path is about 3ft wide, and the brambles stretch the width, then go 6ft high and run about 8m deep (change in measurements factor but I get confused on any more than 4ft) my job was to hack them down, cut them up and pull them away to be stuck in the incinerator and for me to then attempt to burn.  10 years ago I would have stared in disbelief at the following sentence, but it is true so I must share.  Today I used some amazing, stunning, perfectly formed, impeccably made……gloves.  They were brilliant, I pulled brambles here, there and in to the incinerator with these gloves on, not a scratch, not a nick, not a prick, these gloves were ‘gauntlets’.  I then removed the aforementioned gloves and set about trying to start a fire with lots of old brambles, some dried out some fresh.  A big box of matches, 3 newspapers, a magazine and 2 cardboard boxes later I had burned 3 newspapers, a magazine and 2 cardboard boxes.  Barely and brambles have been burned but I have stuck the lid on and hope they smoulder.  I showered, put my daughter to bed and then went downstairs for my 2nd bowl of Golden Grahams today, I then went back upstairs promptly to deal with my upset stomach.  I’m out all day tomorrow so I can ill afford to have an upset stomach. I might well hold on having any until tomorrow night, we shall see.

The Cereal Quest: Day 136 – Krave-ing ‘Good Times’

Today I was working from home as I had a couple of doctors appointments scheduled for during the day, I had to have a couple of blood tests and then go back for an ECG.  I hate needles so wanted a sweet glucose filled start to the day and fill me with courage and sugar which was lucky as I was eating Krave Milk Chocolate for breakfast.  I poured on more milk than yesterday because they absorbed like sponges and left me barely any cereal juice left at the bottom of the bowl to analyse.  It was a sensible move, they were still fairly crunchy and the milk I was left with could be bottled and sold to people who really like cereal juice.  After breakfast I cracked on with work until about 11.30 when I had to go to the doctors, I would have thought the Krave cereal might have made me feel alert and sprightly, unfortunately whilst walking to the doctors I got a text, I continued walking in the direction of the doctors as I set about texting back, that was until my head clattered in to a tree, it hurt, it hurt my forehead, it hurt my forehead a lot, unfortunately there were about 5 or 6 other people near so I continued walking, strolling towards the doctors, playing it cool, looking like I hadn’t just headbutted a thick tree, then to clear people who had seen the incident out the way went back to the tree and lent against it until the other people had gone.  This was an unfortunate incident and I feel Krave Milk Chocolate let me down, I don’t see any way that this could have possibly been an error on my part.  I went on in to the doctors for my blood tests, they were with a young nurse who I had not seen before, after navigating the doctors surgery I went in and sat down, “How are you with needles?” she enquired.  ”Terrible” I responded, “I like needles about as much as my driveway likes ‘Weedol’.”  Then in the most casual way I have ever seen a doctor/nurse say anything she just said “good times!”, she was down with the kids, that was ‘fo shizzle’.  Then (and bearing in mind my previous statement in which I clearly distanced myself from the love of needles) she said “I’m seeing you again this afternoon aren’t I?”.  ”Yes, for an ECG.” I replied, she then replied saying “Oh ‘good times’ at least an ECG doesn’t hurt like this.”

Between my appointments, which by the way I was very brave at and didn’t cry, not even a little bit, I enjoyed another bowl of Krave Milk Chocolate, the crispy rice, wheat casing is probably one of the few cereals that taste good even when they get a bit soggy.  The problem with Krave is that you barely get to start enjoying them before it’s over and it looks like tomorrow may be my last serving.

At my 2nd appointment the nurse, who I can confirm is not listed anywhere as a nurse on the doctors surgery website used the ‘S’ swear word 3 times and was livid with the ECG machine not working, she was hilarious, I sat in disbelief as she said “It’s been years since I have done one of these, back where I used to live we gave them to someone to read, I can’t remember at all how to analyse these results, I guess they will be fine.  I’m sure you won’t die soon”.  Now some people might think this is unprofessional and she should be struck of but genuinely she is the best nurse I have ever been to, she was completely down to earth and made you relaxed.  If all nurses were like that the world would be a happier place.  I won’t name her in case it gets her in trouble but she was funny, so if on a very very off chance she ever reads this, thanks.

I’ve been told to ring for results in a week so someone who can read them and analyse them for me.


The Cereal Quest: Day 135 – Kellogg’s Milk Chocolate Krave

Some of you may remember I tried Krave Caramel Chocolate earlier in the quest, caramel flavouring isn’t great but chocolate is an excellent addition to a cereal independently.  I was therefore looking forward to a couple of servings today.  Krave Milk Chocolate comes in a bright purple box which stands out on the shelf well, the first impression is somewhat spoilt by the fact the box is minute and the fact Kellogg’s are claiming it contains 12 servings (honestly a scandalous claim which I will be asking Kellogg’s about tomorrow).  The cereal itself is a crunchy cereal pillow with a lovely smooth chocolatey middle they are delicious but if you are a family with kids they are not going to last long at all.  I had two bowls today, one at breakfast and one at lunch and they were both delicious, they seem to absorb milk a tiny bit which means you can get soggy ones near the bottom of the bowl but they are still very much nicer and more exciting than Ready Brek.  They are a cereal that you can enjoy both singularly on the spoon or in multiples but it seems like a waste in multiples, my theory is that I want to make the moment last so one at a time is fine, until my wife reminded me I had to go to work this morning, that is when the multiple Krave per spoon technique was used.  All in all a great start, taste great.

The Cereal Quest: Day 134 – Ready Brek Hat Trick?

This morning I was sure I was entering the last day of Ready Brek, I went down, poured out my beige sawdust mix in to my bowl, I stared at the remainder of the bag in disbelief, I swear Ready Brek reproduces in the packet.  How on earth was there still 2 servings left after this one?  I poured on and then smoothed out with milk, placed daintily in the microwave and rebelliously sprinkled on some sugar, rebellious due to the fact I couldn’t be bothered to move a metre to the other side of the kitchen to get a spoon so sprinkled straight from the bag, it could have been a catastrophe, I could have ended up with a slightly hardened massive sugar clump landing slap bang in the middle of the Ready Brek, luckily for me it didn’t but I was proud of the fact I was a risk taker.  I enjoyed the Ready Brek, again at a slightly lesser temperature than previously consumed, I think Ready Brek has to be flavoured with sugar, golden syrup or if you have no taste or presumably friends, marmite.  Eating with no topping/added flavour is not enjoyable at all.  I took the rest of the box to work and figured I would eat as many bowls as it took to finish the stuff today.  At lunch I quickly downed another bowl, I accidentally got the milk to Ready Brek ratio wrong and could have drank it through a straw, it was like a slightly sweetened bitty soup, but I ate it quickly as work was busy and I was in a rush.  This left me with a bowlful of Ready Brek mixture left, I knew I had football tonight, I didn’t want to have to abort playing with sudden IBS issues, I knew that would be a risk if I opted for a third bowl but I was on day 7 and had the last serving (serving 10) to go so I wanted to finish today.  I figured Ready Brek is meant to give you lots of slow burn carbohydrates so with me playing football maybe a 3rd bowl would be just what I need so I finished off the box, scattering more excess static Ready Brek over my work surfaces and ate a 3rd meal of Ready Brek for today, throughout all 3 meals of the day I was yet to find reason to chew.  I can imagine you are wondering whether it improved my footballing skills for tonight, well I will have to let my fellow players be the judges but I did score 2 goals and nearly got my 2nd hat trick of the day (Ready Brek being the first) the cross came over, whipped in at pace but instead of a glorious headed goal completing the hat trick there was to be one of the most unfortunate own goals I had seen for a long while.  Early on in the game a friend had injured his shoulder, he played on bravely and just ran holding his shoulder for the night, it was clearly sore.  What he probably didn’t need was for someone to whip in a fast cross and the ball smack him on the shoulder, sending him to the ground in pain and bewildering the baffled goalkeeper sending the ball in to the back of the net, quite literally adding insult to injury.  After that a recurring knee injury meant me having to take a turn in goal, I never did get the hat trick, but not bad at all for me and so far no side effects to eating 100% Ready Brek today.

Here is my Ready Brek Review:

Cereal Cost: £2.19
Real Servings per Box: 10
Cost per Serving: 21.9p
Pros – Very cheap per serving.  Adaptable
Cons – Gets tedious fast, strange online serving suggestions.

The Cereal Quest: Day 133 – Still Pinching

The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was to check news on my phone, particularly sports news, had I dreamed yesterday or is it real, did Bournemouth really get promoted to the Championship?  Yes they did.  Simply amazing.

I rushed downstairs still jubilant from the promotion and chucked yet another serving of Ready Brek in to the microwave, I then went to do up the Ready Brek bag inner with a clip when what is the most annoying thing about Ready Brek kicked in to action.  As I looked down and picked up the inner to clip it, tons of sweetened creamy sawdust ploomed in to the air and more specifically my right eye, temporarily blinding me, I am yet to find a way round this annoying static related frustration and after numerous bowls have obviously not learnt my lesson on moving my head away from the back.  It didn’t matter I had another eye.  After what was a better bowl of Ready Brek due to a lower temperature than usual (which I wish I had realised a week ago) I headed out to Messy Church, it was a fun morning with lovely people and I chose the doughnut with the most chocolate chips on, I wonder what age people stop doing that? I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.